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Phenomenal . . .
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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

The Drying Net: The Weaver's Assistant

Another cool invention that I found at the Bronner Brothers hair show was this "drying net" for the hooded dryers.  The stretch band will fit around the portable home based hard bonnet dryer as well as the professional salon platform dryer.

The founder mentioned to me by drying extension hair in the salon hood dryers in the upright position can cause water to get into the neck of the platform dryers and may stress the dryer motor resulting in more repair work.  So even putting a towel at the base of the hood over the neck area would prevent the water from getting in the neck and the motor.  She said that it also helps shorten drying time.

The new "drying net" is designed to be a more professional look to drying the tools, wigs, and extension hair.  The dryer hood no longer needs to be upright.  I believe the show price for the drying net was around $20.

The nets are made in Detroit, Michigan USA.

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