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Monday, August 19, 2013

Relaxer Review: Vitale Pro High Comfort Relaxer

I have a few clients on the Vitale Pro High Comfort Relaxer now, and it has performed very well.  The clients have not experienced any irritation. The relaxer does not seem overly aggressive.  I actually have had to wait on it a few minutes and make sure that I smoothed out everything.  This is good because I had concerns about scalp damage when the relaxers work too quickly.

As you know with certain hair types, the relaxer is going to come into contact with the scalp because the new growth compacts at the scalp.

I remind you that this High Comfort relaxer is considered regular strength.  Also, according to the company, they only recommend 3 to 4 months shelf life upon opening, but five years shelf life unopened.

In addition, there is a post relaxer normalizing step that is actually layered with the neutralizing shampoo. This was the first relaxer system that I have ever been instructed to layer without rinsing in between as far as the first shampoo is concerned.  The second and third shampoos, of course, are all normal rinse-outs.

My clients and I like the Vitale Pro relaxer system thus far.  I am planning to switch people from a few other aggressive relaxer brands into Vitale Pro as long as it straightens enough for everyone. So far so good.

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