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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Neoprene Swim Cap

These Neoprene Swim caps are basically a "synthetic rubber" head covering that seals out water.  They come in different sizes to accommodate all the modern day big hair.

The Neoprene material alone according to online research is used to make everything from a laptop sleeve to a dive suit.

According to the testamonies on the flyers, this swimming cap seems to protect the hair from wetness very well. I do not know how to swim yet, and I look forward to wearing my locks without a swim cap when I do go swimming.

However, for those who do not want to deal with hair maintenance immediately after a swim, I believe that this swimming cap will do the trick.

My only concern is that because it is a synthetic rubber, it acts like a supersized rubber band. I did not try the cap on at the Bronner Brothers hair show but it looked snug yet comfortable.  Rubber historically has been taboo for breakage when it comes to hair so just be careful trying to keep your hair dry.

The cost was about $20 at the hair show to purchase.  They look like the picture in the flyer with the neoprene material inside of it.  The brand is "myswimcap."

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