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Phenomenal . . .
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Sunday, August 11, 2013

Detangling: Can This Unit Be Saved?

This is a high-end hair unit that retails about $850.00 that met with the wrong shampoo and conditioners.  I was a little scared to touch it, but it was stored in a sealed bag over the years.

 The inside of the unit is still intact so it's still usable.  This unit allows for the scalp to breathe as well as some integration of the client's hair through the holes.

 The bottom or back area seems to be less tangled than the top, sides, and front areas.  I decided to start detangling in the back area and work my way around.

I took this picture halfway through to prove to you that I was working on the same matted unit from the start.

 Yes, it took me three hours to detangle this unit.  I was definitely determined to make this unit re-usable for the original owner to wear again.

 Now, that the unit is softer and more manageable, I can show off the detail in the construction of this high end unit.  Nice.
The hair texture is yaki.  Unfortunately, yaki textures can be problematic to tangling issues.  However, for now, the unit is ready to wear!

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