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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Best Brand for Pressing Combs: Kentucky Maid

Over the years, there have been two brands of pressing combs that have made pressing hair easy.  Kentucky Maid is #1 because of their wider selection of pressing comb choices.  You can choose between fine and medium teeth.  As well as brass or steel teeth.  As well as copper or steel spacers.  Their pressing comb construction has maintained a higher standard than the Golden Supreme brand.  The Kizure brand comes in second place because they do not have spaces.

 This fine tooth pressing comb pictured above has copper spacers and has done nicely to straighten hairlines for about 10 years or more.

I just bought more Kentucky Maid pressing combs because I saw another artist at the hair show doing a great job pressing the model's hairline. I asked her about her pressing comb. She said out of the brands that she has gone through, Kentucky Maid wins in lightweightness and getting the job done.

In the picture above, the pressing comb on the left has copper spacers versus the one on the right has steel spacers.  Can you tell the color at the base of the comb between the brass teeth?  Steel construction is heavier and more pricey than the copper construction.

I talked about my Kizure pressing comb in a separate article on this blog.  I like it because of its oversized teardrop base.  The Kizure pressing comb has no spacers, and it's a little heavy, but the base size makes it work for me.
As for the Golden Supreme line, I love their marcel irons, but their pressing comb construction is without spacers and limited in selection.  I find them hard to press with.

If in the Charlotte, NC area, Buywise Beauty Supply off Beatties Ford Road keeps a wide selection of Kentucky Maid pressing combs.

I was happy to see more conventional stoves at the Bronner Brothers Hair Show.  Most flat irons were being used to curl hair extensions versus real hair.  Sometimes we have to go back to what was healthy and working for Black hair.


  1. Hello,

    Can you recommend a product that will keep my bun (edges) intact all week? I want to be able to put my hair in a bun all week and not have to worry about if for the rest of the week. Thank you!

  2. Yes, Chenoe123, and you are going to love the price . . . The Ampro Pro Styl protein styling gel is a brown alcohol free gel for sculpting. I suggest putting it on wet hair around the edges. Use a soft boar bristle brush to get it laid down. Let it dry and that should get you a good week out of it. I believe that you are natural so the protein should be safe for you to use long term. I hope that this helps! Natural hair definitely teaches you patience. LOL!

  3. Oh, I forgot to mention the price . . . less than $2.00 at Sally's Beauty Supply.