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Phenomenal . . .
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Sunday, July 14, 2013

The Definition of Natural Hair

Hair by Benita Blocker, this model had a keratin smoothing treatment completed without extensions . . .

Is her hair considered natural?  If a person has dreadlocks, are they considered natural?

If you ask a White man what is his definition of "natural hair?"  His response is likely to be

If you ask some Black women what are their definitions of "natural hair?"  There would be multiple responses such as

  1. No texturizer
  2. No relaxer 
  3. No haircolor
  4. No keratin treatments
  5. No Heat
  6. No Weave
  7. No Extensions
  8. No Wig
  9. No Vigorol
  10. No Body Wave

So if a White woman is wearing strand by strand hair extensions, then her hair is NOT considered "natural" according to some definitions of "natural hair."  Actually, some White men are considering dating outside of their race because they want a woman who is extension free.  Interesting . . .

Also, if dreadlocks are colored (with permanent haircolor), then the dreadlocks are NOT Natural by some definitions of "natural hair."

In a nutshell, there are very few people on this planet wearing their "natural hair."  So there is NOT a natural hair movement - only a "CURLY hair" movement.

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