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Phenomenal . . .
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Monday, July 29, 2013

Fuji Hands Free Perm End paper Dispenser System

I love this "end paper" dispenser!!!  It is obviously refillable with "Fuji Perfect Paper"only.  The Fuji end paper has a woven look.  It really was helpful in my last soft curl service.  I was able to rod the hair much quicker.  I also used it recently to roll a mesh roller set.  The end papers are interlocked inside the dispenser so they easily allow the next end paper to pop-up ready to use.  The refills are interlocked as well.  You just neatly drop the refill in and feed the top end paper through to begin the ease of use.  You will never want to buy cheap end paper again.

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  1. Cosmoprof has this perm end paper dispenser on sale for the month of August 2013 for licensed professionals.