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Phenomenal . . .
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Sunday, July 28, 2013

Facing the Fear of the Jumbo Rake Comb

Every time I look at this comb, it makes me shiver.  I can never get out of my head when a past hairstylist rapidly and unexpectedly ran this comb from my roots to my ends during the shampoo service of my hair appointment.  I felt raped and violated.  I was wearing my hair relaxed at the time with a fair share of new growth at the roots.  Between my body language, facial expression and widening of my eyes, this hairstylist had to know that she violated my trust.  She did not offer any apologies; only smiled.  With such a rapid comb through during the shampoo phase, I did know what "hit me" until the ordeal was over.  I was laid back in the shampoo bowl when this violation happened, and I have no idea how much hair I lost that day.

Between the limited conditioner selection that she had at a $35 roller set price point and the actual rolling of my hair, I lost a lot of density that day.  I never returned to this hairstylist again.  And I never wanted to see that comb again.

I know it sounds crazy, but I wanted to face my fear of this comb because I knew there had to be a more practical benefit to a comb of this magnitude.  So I purchased one and actually found it beneficial in combing the conditioner through my clients with mid-back length.  My clients are sitting up as I comb their conditioner through, not laying back.

This jumbo rake comb now has fonder memories and purpose . . .


  1. Sorry about your experience, but that comb (or very similar to it) is used to detangle kinker hair. Don't know how she ends up using it on your permed hair. Hmmm…maybe I should start sharing how I manage my daughter hair. I never blog about my natural journey, and sometime wished I did.

    1. Kreyola: Sounds educational and a great idea!