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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

DHT Blockers and Hair Transplants

As most people are aware that "pattern baldness" has been associated with a "DHT" hormone suffocating the hair follicles.  Please feel free to research more on the DHT hormone if you want more information.

Now, regarding pills, shampoos, treatments that are designed to "block" the DHT hormone allowing for a healthy hair follicle leading to more hair growth, these DHT blockers can and probably do work.

However, if you stop taking the "DHT Blocker" then the DHT hormone will return to causing the hair loss condition again.  So if a DHT Blocker helps with hair growth, then you will need to continue taking the DHT Blocker for as long as you want to keep blocking the DHT hormone.  For example, the rest of your life . . .

Other alternatives would be to have the hair from your nape area medically transplanted to your "bald" areas.

The nape area is almost never an issue as far as baldness is concerned so that would be the area where you would take healthy follicles from and allow them to regenerate in that back area. The gentleman who shared his hair transplant story with me suggested flying to wherever a highly experienced and highly referred hair transplant specialist is located if considering this medical procedure.  If the transplant is done correctly, you should see fuzz within a few months and a full head of hair within one year.  After getting past the first year, it is life as normal.

The gentleman did mention that new hairstylists that cut his hair do notice something different about the hair in the area that was transplanted, but because it is still growing from out of his own scalp, they have no clue why the hair seems different in his head.

Think of hair transplants as skin grafting except it is for the scalp.  Please feel free to research more about hair transplants.  The gentleman that I interviewed went to a "California" hair transplant specialist.  It was quite pricey, but it worked!

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