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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Tool Review: MiraCurl by Babyliss

I just tried out the newest automated curling tool called the MiraCurl.  The name reminds me of a "miracle."  Overall, I was impressed with the tool and its results for the right type of hair.  The side of the tool with the "writing on it" is supposed to face the clients' head.  Pull a section of hair out, place it across the MiraCurl opening, and close the tool up.  It then automatically "reels" the section of hair into the curling mechanism.
Hold and then release after the "beep."  The curl created is spiral and uniform.

For those hairstylists who are starting to have challenges with their wrist, this tool is perfect and quick.  The hair needs to be straight going in.  Do not expect the tool to smooth the cuticle and curl at the same time.  I repeat that it is for curling hair that is already smooth and straight.  The tool is retailing for about $300. It has created a lot of buzz lately.  I do not feel like I have enough clientele who would truly benefit from this service.  So the only downside to this tool is the price.

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  1. Based on recent feedback, this tool seems to leave a permanent imprint in the hair's memory. It seems to cause straight hair to become wavy even after it is wet. It seems to be just as ionic as the flat irons. I would use caution and only use it sparingly. Sally Beauty Supply announced a similar tool was coming out soon at a more affordable price.