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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

My Summer Stocking Cap Unit

With part in the center or a side part . . .

 The rain and humidity was causing my last human hair stocking cap unit  to lose curls.  In my mind, synthetic hair was starting to look more and more attractive because it would not be weather sensitive, but I liked wearing curls on the sunny days.  The human hair felt  and behaved like it was my own home grown hair.  So for this new unit, I decided on straight hair.  I did not have to apply any heat to it.  It came "straight" from the package.
JBSHair is the same company that used to make "Joie Joie" hair.  That hair was fantastic!  But the company does not offer it anymore so they suggested their "Pink Diamond" platinum line.

The "Pink Diamond" line may also become discontinued.  It is expensive with 16" hair costing about $90 a pack.  People are buying so much "virgin" brazilian hair now that it is hard to figure out what the next hottest hair trend is going to be.

This "Pink Diamond" hair felt so so good running through my hands.  Oh my, I was in love with the silkiness of it, but it does not look as natural as the "Joie Joie" hair that I used last time.  So I am bittersweet.  I hate when my hair looks tooooooo perfect because as soon as one little hair starts doing its own thing, it screams "weave."  I used four different colors again to achieve a nice blend.

My Sisterlocks were harder to cover up using the U-Be cap, but I put it on underneath the stocking cap.  I tried using two wave caps this application, but the second stocking cap was awkward when wearing the final look.  So I removed one of the stocking caps, and it fit fine. If someone has relaxed hair, then the two stocking caps may work better.??? (I think.)

In the picture above, I glued the excess stocking cap together to cut it off to avoid that extra hump in the top of my head.  For more details on how to make this customized stocking cap unit, please see my separate article on this blog for "Removable Quickweave wig."

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