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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

The Unisex Pompadour Haircut

 I just finished a Paul Mitchell haircut collection class this week!  I learned a way to perform the Pompadour haircut.  Although Janelle Monae's hairstyle above is not a haircut, her hair shaping sets the pace for the pompadour look.
 The Pompadour haircut on Justin Bieber.

The pompadour haircut on singer Pink.

The most surprising thing about the pompadour haircut that I learned in this Paul Mitchell class was that the center section does not  have to be perfectly symmetric on both sides of the head.  As seen in this picture and as confirmed by the instructor,  one parting is slightly lower on the side than the other.

Also, using a clipper with a #1 guard and buzz off the rest of the hair that is not in your center mohawk sectioning was good to know.  Leave a triangle crown area in the back for solidity and in case there are any cowlicks.

Regardless of the sex of the client, the pompadour haircut is almost identical in technique.

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