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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

The Denman Straightening Brush

As you know, the Denman brand is well-known for quality brushes.  Well, this Denman model is the D79.  It is called their thermoceramic straightening brush.

 It closes similar to a flat iron. The short boar bristles inside the brush aid in gliding hair straight.  This brush is now a  God send for me.  80% of the online reviews were very favorable for this brush.

Occasionally, I get clients who have resistant, long, thick natural hair.  I tried the paddle brush, the traditional Denman brush, round brushes, vented brushes, and comb attachments.  None of these worked without maximum effort.  Most of the time, there was too much hair to control at one time even after dividing the hair up into many sections.

So finally, I gave the Denman straighening brush a try.  I was able to control my sections as I blow dried on medium heat. I only closed the brush partially and kept working it like I was flat ironing with a handheld blow dryer in the opposite hand.  Once the section was about 80% dry, I used the comb attachment to finish out the straightness.This has been the best combination of tools thus far for long, thick, resistant, natural hair.

Actually, this Denman straightening brush is probably good for short, resistant, natural hair as well.  Any hair that springs back really quickly when stretched out can be controlled with this straightening brush.

The uans crema conditioner also provided great moisturizing in a short amount of time.


  1. Hi. I'd like to purchase this conditioner but can't seem to find it where I am in New Jersey. Do you sell this Uans conditioner and if so can I order it from you?



    1. Hi Rose: I import the uans crema conditioner from Canada, but I am out of stock of the retail sizes. I still have enough on my backbar for salon services. Surprisingly, you are the second to call me or inquire about purchasing this conditioner in the retail size. I will try to order before the new Year. If you need a large size, then let me know. I usually order $100 at a time and if you need a large size, then I can place an order sooner. I believe the large size is around $48. Please keep me posted if still need the conditioner in the new year 2014.