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Thursday, May 16, 2013

Review: Golden Supreme Elite Heat Tester

 I purchased this Golden Supreme Elite Heat Tester a few years ago.  I felt it was slowing me down, and I was scared that I was going to break the test band/plate.  During that time, I was still trying to learn how to work the marcel curling irons.  I had too many new things going at one time.  So I put this tester away.

Well, now, I have Mastered the marcel curling irons.  When I am on a roll, I do not need to test the marcel iron unless I have stopped to part the hair or had some interruption in service.  Usually, I would use a white paper towel and look to see if the paper towel changes color.  Do not get me wrong, the paper towel method has worked over the  years, but why not add my new tool back to my regimen?  I paid about $100 for it a few years back.  Yes, it's time to set it back up.  I will not need to use it when I am  quickly curling hair, but when I am uncertain of the temperature of the iron.  All I have to do is lightly hold the iron on the test plate.  The instructions emphasize "light touching" to avoid breaking it.

The three categories of heat are shown.  Relaxed hair and fine hair are at the lower temperature range, and the coarse, natural hair falls at the top temperature range.  There is even a "too hot" light.  I am excited to add this tool back to my thermal routine.

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