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Phenomenal . . .
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Thursday, May 16, 2013

Jambu Shoes: A Good Fit for Hairstylists for the Summer!

 As professional hairstylists, we have to wear closed toe shoes.  Because of my natural habit of twisting my feet, I steer away from platform shoes.  Even low platform shoes are a problem for me.  Jambu has platform shoes that are very cute and comfortable, but I decided on their flats.

 So far, I love these Jambu shoes.  They are comfortable.  I bought them in a neutral color to go with everything.  It is the spring/summer, and I wanted to start wearing maxi dresses.  Sneakers and a maxi dress was not acceptable even by my standards.  So now I am comfortable and chic.  My toes can breathe even with a closed toe.  No more sweaty feet! Yay!  The shoes are Eco-Friendly and Trail Rated.  My local Lebos shoe store carries them!  They run around $100 or more, but they are really, really worth it!!!!

I overheard two ladies discussing the Jambu shoe brand on my flight to Boston for my Sisterlocks training last August. I have been looking for them ever since.

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