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Monday, May 13, 2013

Dreadlock Maintenance Regimen: Aloe Vera Gel and Jojoba Oil

 Photo credit:  I wanted a distinguished picture representing dreadlocks, and I stumbled across this one.  Even the doll has dreadlocks.  Interesting?  What's more interesting is that I ran into an African American woman with the most beautiful, shiny, healthy looking dreadlocks that I have seen in awhile this past weekend. So I was compelled to ask her what was she doing that most everyone else that I see walking around with "dry looking" locks are not doing.  So she told me . . .
She runs pure Jojoba oil through her locks and twist and tightens the roots with natural aloe vera gel.  The aloe vera gel looks like clear styling gel except it is moisturizing, not sticky.

I was really impressed that only two products was all she needed to get that shine thoughout her locks.  The 99% pure aloe vera gel is natural so you can not really overuse it.  She stated that the Joboba oil is expensive so she uses it conservatively.  She did mention an occasional apple cider vinegar monthly rinse to get rid of lint, but she does not believe in all the different brand name products on the market with all the different ingredients in them.  She is allergic to haircolor and wants to stick to as many natural solutions as possible.

I have also discovered that by using a color gloss or semi-permanent color, I also get incredible shine in the dreadlocks. Anyone who is permanently coloring their dreadlocks should consider the semi-permanent color in order to maintain a shine and seal.


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