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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Almost 10 months: Sisterlocks and Wig Refresh!

 Since I have not resolved my complaint with my original Sisterlocks consultant, I refuse to have anyone to work on my hair unless they are listed as active with Sisterlocks headquarters.  So since I am a registered Sisterlocks trainee and my "super sized" Sisterlocks in the back of my head are big enough to start finger twisting, that is what I did.  As stated in one of my recent articles, I used the 99% pure aloe vera gel for twisting, moisturizing, and healing.  I also distributed jojoba oil through out.  I am going to continue to let my Sisterlocks in the front free form.  The more texture that I have in the front, the better my stocking cap wig stays on.

Speaking of my custom made unit, I washed it and repaired it again.  The quality of hair that I used is holding up.  I am sooooooo pleased.  This unit helps me with my corporate image until my locks get longer.
Hair by Benita Blocker, May 2013 Fresh wash and curl!

I have been really studying my curl behavior.  It spring rolls like a "slinky" toy.  Have you ever tried to undo a "slinky?"  It is hard to re-train a slinky to do anything but what it does.  So I really do not think a "crochet hook-like" tool is going to be able to pull my "slinky curls" into my locks properly for retightening.  I firmly believe that the fine tooth barbering combs are the best tool for my hair type.

My hair type will benefit from comb twisting to grab all of my hair and get it secured.  Those who have less springy hair that grows away from the scalp will do fine with interlocking methods such as Sisterlocks or even palm rolling.  I do not feel that my hair would benefit from palm rolling because palm rolling does not grab my "spring rolled and parked" curls that are hovering at my scalp.

I have identified a loctician who may be able to comb twist my locks in the future.  I have no idea what to do about the front locks yet.  I can massage and finger twist the back locks myself because they are larger, at least, until I resolve my Sisterlocks complaint. I hope to have the issue resolved within the next 45 days.

I want to keep as small of locks as possible using the comb twist method. I may still interlock my hair in combination with the comb twist if I find that I need a little extra hold.


  1. On second thought, a "crochet hook like" tool can be used to pull "slinky" curls into the lock, but the consultant must know how to do this. Two of the three Sisterlocks consultants that I patronized seemed to possess that skill set, but I still am unsure if the interlocking technique is good for my curl resistance and hair type. Also, based on other feedback about comb twisting, care has to be taken with the comb to keep it from getting twisted in the lock. So comb and finger twisting combination will probably work best.

  2. Hello,

    I have a question! I have sisterlocks that are almost 3 and a half years old and have always interlocked (told I don't have a choice). However, I like the smooth look of traditional locks and would like to start palm rolliing around the perimeter and then interlock as normal for the rest of my hair. I was told that because my locks are so small, that palm rolling won't work. I don't understand why??? Why can't I palm roll at least just the front? thanks.

    1. Hi Stacy: You can start palm rolling the front, but you may need to use honey in order to keep it from unrolling/untwisting. It will take at least 6 months for the new method to start to lock and stay twisted on its own without the honey. Of course, your own natural hair texture may take even longer to adjust to the palm rolling so that it will stay. I hope that I answered your question.

      I have successfully transitioned my whole head from Sisterlocks to microlocks keeping the same partings. Even my extremely small Sisterlocks are still in tact and holding fine with finger twisting. I also met another lady who had converted her Sisterlocks to traditional palm rolling and her locks were long and beautiful. Without seeing your hair, my advice to you may or may not apply to you, but try it out . . . you can always return to interlocking if it does not work for you. You just can't undo the interlocking.