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Phenomenal . . .
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Saturday, April 27, 2013

Sisterlocks: Snapped off

First of all, this Sisterlock did not come from my head.  Also, there is a shadow in the picture above.  The single Sisterlock is laying on top of my fingers.  Anyway,  it came from a lady who wanted my opinion.  Her consultant blamed her health as a reason that her Sisterlocks were coming from out of her head.  I decided to analyze this Sisterlock.  It is of my opinion that the coiling of the Sisterlock at the end into a knot when fed through the roots caused the Sisterlock to completely snap away at the scalp.

So her Sisterlock consultant who was the same consultant that put my Sisterlocks in, does not want to take any responsibility for her work.

With all of the knots on my ends from my leftover relaxed hair, I am guessing that some of my hair has snapped at the hands of non-caring certified Sisterlock consultants.  Because my Sisterlocks are mostly large and too large parting sizes, I lucked out that any snapping was probably to a mininum.  Although, I asked for "micro" Sisterlocks and received much larger Sisterlocks than I requested, but at least, I still have the majority of my Sisterlocks still in tact to my head.

I never imagined how scary and surreal this Sisterlocks Journey could be.

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