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Phenomenal . . .
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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Peer Pressure to be Pretty: Custom Looks

Hair and Makeup by Benita Blocker. 

I am loving the compliments on my new custom look.  People love the colors.  I used four different colors that I am probably never going to be able to duplicate again.  One of the colors is like a #6? and one of the colors I was experimenting with darkening blonde hair.  The amazing thing is that I would never color my own hair because of my tight curl pattern.  In addition, relaxer plus coloring is considered double processing, and anyone with double chemical processes compromises the integrity of their hair.

 Hair and Makeup by Benita Blocker.

As far as styling, I was trying to recreate my invisible braids look that I had a few years back.  Please see my separate article on invisible braids.  I can never find a wig to fall in the right places to frame my own face.  It is hard to buy a Customized look.  The cap of most wigs are for a mannequin head.  My head has never conformed to the perfect headshape of a mannequin.

Hair and Makeup by Benita Blocker.

With a custom made wig, I can achieve my crown lift right where I need it on my head.  I can get my length and partings to complement my own facial features.

I could not have purchased a wig from a catalog with the color and fit that this handmade unit delivers.

Questions about your headshape?  Please see my separate article about headshapes for wigs.

Peer pressure and politics drive us as children, young adults, and older adults.  The pressure to be pretty . . .

My hair never defined my intelligence nor my drive for life, but having the right look at the right time can make life so much easier.

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  1. I am proud to say that I am age 42, and hardly no one ever believes me! lol!