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Sunday, April 7, 2013

Custom Made Removable Quickweave Wig

Custom Made Removable Quickweave Wig by Hairstylist Benita Blocker, 2013.

 My primary concern was to prevent any glue from getting in my Sisterlocks/hair.  Secondly, I wanted to create a straight, corporate look that I can grab that was custom fit to my own head!  Human hair that I can maintain as needed.

I started out with the U-Be Cap.  It is breathable; yet, it was designed to prevent glue from penetrating onto your hair.

Since the U-Be caps are no longer made, I wanted to protect it for reuse in the future.  I used wrap strips and paper towels held by a dot of hair glue to cover my U-Be cap.  According to the online reviews, the U-Be caps slipped off too easily. Most people complained about it moving around on their head during the day.      I am just using it as my first barrier against the hair glue.

I decided on using a wave cap versus a wig cap versus a weave cap.  I will have to do a separate article about the differences between the three caps.  I picked the wave cap because it fit really, really, tight and snug. I have heard others complained about wig caps loosening up so I figured the tighter, the better.  In addition, I had extra barriers plus my Sisterlocks to keep as compact as possible.

I started the quickweave at the back using Milky Way hair.

 The brown area on the wave cap is Roux Tween Time stick in Medium Brown color.  This area is marked for my invisible part.  ( Please see my other articles on this product and technique.)

I also planned to use the infusion hairline technique so the wefts can be placed however I need them to fall.  Please see my other articles for techniques.

I anchored some of the hair down to close out the unit.   Makeup by Benita Blocker.

I ended up tying a knot in the top of the wave cap. Then I glued underneath the knot.  Then I cut the knot off.  I then had a flat top to lay the remaining wefts on.

I custom closed this unit.  No separate closure piece was used.

I had completed all that I could complete while it was on my head!  

 So I took the new unit off.  I removed the U-Be cap.  Only a little paper towel residue was on it.  My hair was all clear.  My Sisterlocks were safe.

I wanted to use the sunlight for a better picture.  I cut and curled my new unit on the mannequin head and tripod.    

I also completed the infusion hairline while on the mannequin stand.  I found it hard to complete infusion hairline on my own head.  I could not get precision with my angling of my hands while the unit was on top of my head.  So the mannequin stand was great to finish the unit up and allow it to dry inside from the hair glue.  I did not want any residue on my own hair so I let it dry out.

I love my new unit!!!!  Hair by Benita Blocker, 2013.

 I used to cheap to mid-grade hair for this quickweave.  Sassy (from Sallys Beauty Supply), Joie Joie,  Milky Way.  I had a lot of inventory hair that needed to be used up.  It was not Remy, but it is better than some of the hybrid hair they have on the market now.  Besides, I would not want to put hair glue on Remy hair that I was paying $200 for.  The hair that I used probably appreciated in value over the years.  I am certain that I would have been out of over $100 if I had to buy hair from the store.

I did run out of the Milky Way and Joie Joie hair.  So I had to pull some Dena Cali hair that I had pre-colored as well as some Vienna Collection that I had pre-colored.  It is great to have a stash of hair to grab to piece a style together.

 Black Wrap Strips, hair glue and wave cap that I used for this technique is pictured above.

The medium brown stick that I used to mark the invisible part area.

The U-Be Weave cap package is pictured above.

I used this ceramic, non-ionic, $20 flat iron to curl the entire unit.  It worked fine.  I did not need anything more.

This completes my introduction to my removable Quickweave wig.  I charge around $200 to make this unit. Hair cost is separate.

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  1. Thanks so much for sharing this! I really never know if it's a wig or it's a cap weave hh finger roll that I need... This was really helpful!