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Sunday, April 7, 2013

2013 Hair Quiz: How do you Score on hair?

1) Is "dead hair" and "damaged hair" the same thing?

2) How long do most people wear hair extensions before their own hair grows out long enough to go extension free?

3) Should you get damaged ends trimmed away before adding hair extensions?

4) Can semi-permanent dye or a rinse permanently change your haircolor?

5) Should your hairstylist rinse your chemical out or is it okay for the "shampoo girl" to do it?

The Answers:

1) "Dead hair" and "Damaged hair" are two different things.  All hair is dead.  If you cut your finger or your scalp then you bleed.  If you cut your hair, then you do not feel it because it is all dead.  Now, damaged hair is what you want trimmed away.

2) Most of my clients wear hair extensions about 16 to 18 months before they feel comfortable to go extension free. That's about a year and a half or 8 to 9 inches of new growth.

3)  Definitely do NOT go get a haircut then ask for hair extensions.  It is hard to blend a blunt haircut into hair extensions. Also, haircuts create more movement.  If you are trying to cover hair extensions, you do not need your hair moving opposite of the extension hair.  If you must get a haircut before your hair extensions arrive in the mail, then only ask for a very conservative trim.  Don't try to get everything completely even.  It is best to wear an updo or a hair accessory until the extension service can be completed and your hair is then cut and blended in.

4)  If you are flat ironing or using a lot of hot iron styling, then yes, everything on the hair can get pressed into the hair shaft.  Your rinse or "semi-permanent" color can become more permanent because it is being "baked" on.

5)  I strongly recommend that the hairstylist performing the chemical service do all of the rinsing and shampooing.  The shampoo girl is best for non-chemical services and rinsing conditioners out.  I would prefer to have a skilled eye on my hair when neutralizing a chemical.

So how did you score?

You had to get 3 out of 5 questions right to pass.  So comment and let me know if you passed or not!


  1. Hi, Maybe you can write a post on black women can take care of our hair during the different stages of life for optimum health. Is there something that younger people should do or not do to make sure they maintain healthy hair throughout the years. Are there different products that should be used as we age? Thank you.

    1. Yes! Great question! Assuming that aging means more prescription drugs, pregnancy, stress, etc. -- I can definitely try to tackle more regimen differences. Otherwise, we are constantly growing and cutting hair over a lifetime so the hair itself unless altered from within should be about the same . . . but let me research more into this topic. Thanks for the feedback!