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Monday, March 18, 2013

Using Hair Roller Stick picks

 The beige and pink stick picks are not showing their true colors here, but there are six different roller stick picks along with a hard mesh roller in this picture. The four roller stick picks on the left are hard and rigid.  The Yellow one is metal based.  I have not learned the benefits of the metal.  Of course, the rest of the stick picks are plastic.

When using the hard plastic mesh rollers, the flexible stick picks are the best for rolling the hair without pain.
If you are using the soft wire mesh rollers, then the rigid stick picks are probably better to hold that type of roller in place.

As far as tips for rolling with any type of mesh rollers with stick picks,  the hair going around the roller needs to make at least two revolutions to hold it tight then secure the roller with a pick.  So if you have short hair and do not want tight curls then don't use the stick picks, just use the regular double prong clips. As short hair dries, it will release the roller if not enough hair is around it.

So why choose the mesh rollers with stick picks method?  The stick picks actual hold the tension on the rollers to pull new growth straighter if you are past due for a relaxer touch-up.  So it extends the relaxer time.    Also, those with a type 2 or type 3 curl patterns can use this method to achieve a classic straight looking roller set as well!

These stick picks are also used during curly perm and soft curl rod placement to avoid hair folding over the wrong way.  You just slide stick picks underneath the rod bands down each column of rods.  It will keep them all sitting up in a row.

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