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Sunday, March 10, 2013

Taming the Baby Hair at the Hairline

Pictured actress Lake Bell, photo credit from the

Apparently, women of all races have challenges taming the hairline.  Listed below are some tips; find the best one for you!

1) According to one of Paul Mitchell's dvds, apply a mousse/foam while the hair is wet, then rock the blowdryer and pat the hairline down first thing.  The concentrator nozzle may be warm enough to assist in additional smoothing.

2) Hair Gel applied either wet or dry may be a good option if you have a definite idea of final placement such as an updo.

3) "Edge" Pomades or "Flyaway" tamers work well if you do not have any other products in the hair that may cause buildup.

4) According, clear mascara as a finishing touch works too! I would imagine that if clear mascara can tame eyebrow hairs, then it should be of some assistance with those stubborn baby hairs.

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