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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Product Review: Mizani Supreme Oil

The Mizani Supreme Oil bottle states "No Silicones, No Mineral Oil."  It has 8 natural oils.  It is not greasy, but probably too heavy for finer hair.

I decided to remove this oil treatment from my routine because it smokes too much when heat is applied.  I can put it on wet or dry hair, and it seems to create a smoke screen whenever using any type of iron.  It does not set off the smoke alarm, but it does cause a thick haze depending on the amount of oil that is used.

For instance, I had a "press and curl" client where I used more Supreme Oil than what I would with a relaxed client, and I had to open the salon door to clear the "fog" out.  There was no smell, and the fog disappeared into the breeze within five minutes, but it was odd.

Assuming that the product burns off which is probably what causes all the haze, it is not clear whether it is "frying" the hair.  I do not smell any burnt hair, but it does seem to interfere with the hair's ability to move freely.

This Supreme oil is probably best used as a hair dressing when no heat is required.  It is an attempt to be a "healthy" oil alternative, but in my opinion, it missed the mark for heat styling purposes.

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