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Sunday, March 24, 2013

Chenille Stems versus Fuzzy Sticks for Spiral Curls

Chenille Stems are also known as pipe cleaners.  The Fuzzy Sticks that I picked up from a Walmart store are very similar.  The biggest difference is that the wire in the "Fuzzy Sticks" is much more pliable.  It is very easy to bend and mold.  The chenille stems that I bought from a fabric store are also bendable, but more stiff  to do so.

Apparently, using these chenille stems are the best way to get spiral sets on long locks.  There are youtube videos on various ways to roll your locks on these.  These chenille stems/pipe cleaners/fuzzy sticks can be used similar to flexi-rods or "Lock Loops" or "Soft Spikes."  Please see my separate blog article on these other lock styling tools.

The pipe cleaners are soft enough to sleep in, and if you get the color matching your hair color, you may be able to incorporate them into a hairstyle to be worn out.  Long locks can easily hide these stems while wearing them in a bob set.

Another blogger has a detailed article about how she used the pipe cleaners to curl her twisted hair at

She mentions using pipe cleaners to curl loose natural hair is NOT a good idea.

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