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Thursday, February 7, 2013

Sisterlocks (tm) feels like a scam

Everyone who has been following my blog knows that I have invested a lot of time and money (thousands of dollars) into Sisterlocks (TM) within the last several months.  I am on my third certified Sisterlocks consultant within six months, and after additional research, there are quite a few people out there disappointed in the Sisterlocks' headquarters response to their concerns.

I was told "no stress at this address" by one of the Sisterlocks' headquarter representatives.  So if one consultant doesn't work out, then just keep moving on.  However, similar to finding a good beautician or a good lawyer or a good doctor - it appears that finding a good Sisterlocks technician is also a challenge.  Problem is there are a limited number of people to choose from, and they have the right to work independently under the name of Sisterlocks.  Some people know that achieving their official certification means automatic "Sisterlocks" revenues whether or not they remain professional or not.

I completed further research on people who converted their Sisterlocks into traditional locks.  There is a community out there.  Some people were just tired of being tied to a Sisterlocks consultant for their hair maintenance.  Some had been tightening their own hair too long and no Sisterlocks consultant wanted to follow behind "DIY" tightenings.  Others relocated to an area without a Sisterlocks technician.  For some the cost became too great at $200 per retightening at 6 weeks intervals.

So is Sisterlocks (TM) a scam?  It depends on how professional your independent Sisterlocks consultant is.  The last two certified consultants that I patronized were from the Sisterlocks certified consultant registry, but I am sooo disgusted with my "lopsided" locking session and my follow-up with did not include a retightening session in which I know now that it should have been included.  Not to mention the waste of time and money of locking my relaxed hair that will probably be cut off eventually.  Let me just stop here.  Yes, I feel scammed by the independent Sisterlocks consultants which work under the name of "Sisterlocks" thus far that I encountered.

As a registered Sisterlocks trainee myself, I personally do not seek out Sisterlocks clients because I have had concerns about the process.  It is interlocking within small locks.  As a cosmetologist, I know that we shed hair strands everyday.  I also feel that interlocking small locks should be a task done with some delicacy which the second consultant  that I encountered did not seem to take into consideration.

I have been trying to figure out a happy alternative for me.  I decided that the Sisterlocks gridding and parting sizes are a good idea, but I think that I will begin the traditional lock twisting for retightening in the future for myself.  The small locks are important to me.  The tightening method is not as important to me because of my type 4c curl pattern.  People with looser curl patterns may not have a choice but to interlock to avoid unravelling.  My hair is not prone to unravelling.  I will keep everyone posted on my new lock journey direction.


  1. I found a 2005 court case involving Sisterlocks versus Nappylocs. Nappylocs (defendant) won. It was an interesting read. I discovered twistylocks and the topsy tail tool.

  2. Thanks so much for sharing your story despite your unfortunate hair experience

  3. Thank you Sierra! Sisterlocks headquarters emphasized that most consultants are "independent contractors" so if I wanted to take legal action then it would be against that individual versus the headquarters themselves. I would love for Sisterlocks headquarters to list the last refresher training date for each of the consultants and trainees. That would let me know how dedicated technicians are to maintaining the corporate consistency of the Sisterlocks training and professionalism.

    I am not going to dwell on my less than perfect experience. Apparently, nationwide, many sistahs have cried over their experience sooner or later. It has been a learning experience for me. With all that said, I am keeping my locks, so it has not been a complete waste. I, however, agree that being dependent on a limited amount of Sisterlocks technicians nationwide is no way to go. I am determined to simplify this process. I will keep everyone posted. I am still gaining length, but I just do not want to lose locks. So far so good, but I can see how depending on who you go to, one could lose locks.

  4. I just re-established my connection with a professional loctitian in the area. She is well versed in different types of locks and although she is not Sisterlocks certified, she does practice the interlocking method as needed using other interlocking tools. I am excited. I told her all of my concerns about palm rolling and transitioning into a new lock method and hair care regimens, and I really felt at peace with her expertise just as I did when I first met her before I had Sisterlocks. I have a consultation scheduled before my next Sisterlocks retightening is due. Hopefully, she will guide me on the right path.

  5. So sorry to hear about your journey with Sisterlocks not working out. Just like any person you hire for a service, you good and you have bad. You have people who care deeply about what they do and you have people that are in it just for the money. I have had my Sisterlocks for a year now (since 2/12/12) and I have had the same consultant for this whole time. I think I was blessed to find someone who is professional and who cares about my hair. She is not a licensed cosmetologist and was a trainee at the time we met. My experience with her has been so good that I plan to have my daughter's hair Sisterlocked in a few months by her. I do plan on learning how to retighten myself to save money. LOL! I wish you much luck on your loc journey which ever way you may go!

    1. Thanks CJ for sharing your story! I spent extra money trusting in the word "certified" when I could have probably been just as happy with a trainee who would actually go above and beyond to do a good job like you did. I have a consultation with a loctitian soon. Are you in the Charlotte area? I love good referrals!

    2. Hello CJ,
      Are you in the Charlotte area? I am just beginning my SL installation journey and would love to contact your stylist.