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Sunday, February 3, 2013

Covering your head Benefits

So would you go out barefooted in the middle of a winter storm?  Probably not, unless you really want "cold feet."  Smile. Well, your head probably should be covered in the middle of a winter storm as well.  Why cover one end of your body, but not the other?

Many times, we do not want to mess up our hairstyle by wearing a hat  or a winter cap.  We would rather risk getting sick just to not "cramp our style."    With rising healthcare costs, head coverings should be re-considered.

My yarn unit actually helps keep my head warm on cold days.  Wigs are considered head coverings. Depending on their construction,  they can be quite warm in the winter but too hot in the summer.

On a religious note, some believe that a woman's head should be covered during worship services, and some believe that women should always have their heads covered.  Some cultures do not want any hair showing.

Headcoverings is actually a broad fashion topic.  One person that I talked to about headcoverings mentioned increased shine in her hair because of less exposure to the elements.

So there are many benefits to covering your head.  In the lower income neighborhoods, everyone seemed to wear a cap in the winter.  Only, in the middle class and up neighborboods, people will grab a warm scarf but not a hat.


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