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Phenomenal . . .
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Sunday, February 3, 2013

All-Nutrient Certifiably Organic Haircolor

I was delighted to hear from another one of my followers this week.  She asked that I look into the All-Nutrient haircolor.

I did research this hair color online, and here are my findings:

1) This haircolor seems to perform better on "younger" hair.  For full gray coverage, apparently, colorists find that an extra dose of color needs to be added to the formula to avoid a translucent look.

2) The "reds" seem to fade less with this color line.  So if "redhead" is your goal, then it may be worth trying it out.

3) The management of the company has not been ethical with past distributors nor other colorists who were not pleased with this color line.  It is in my opinion, that a company that does not provide good customer service when we as hairstylists are on the "front line" servicing clients, I would not feel comfortable recommending their products.

On a separate note, permanent haircolor is a permanent change to the hair.  Organic or not, permanent change can cause damage.  I would not recommend anyone switching haircolor lines if what they were using was working just fine.  If a color line does change its formulas such as "Goldwell" then one needs to re-evaluate if the new changes are still working for existing clientele.

People who want to focus on organic or "going green,"   should consider skipping chemicals all together . . .


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