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Thursday, February 28, 2013

February 2013 Honorable Mentions

The CIAA Tournament had me very busy this week! After doing some quick collection of thoughts, I figured that I would make these Honorable Mentions . . ..

1) Design Essentials Naturals line is now being sold in Sally's Beauty Supply stores.  It was a corporate decision.

2) I had a conversation with a rock band member about his hair.  He claimed that smoking weed/pot/marijuana caused his straight hair to turn curly.  Any type of drugs, prescription or not, can potentially change your hair's behavior.  It's something to think about.  Careful about alcoholic beverage consumption as well.

3)  Foiling in "lowlights" can be a great way to come out of ombre hair/two toned hair.  You can use the "Gray Away" spray (separate blog article) to temporarily test out your decision before using a demi or semi-permanent color.  Keep the color wheel on hand for any color correction.  Foil placement is important.  I would stick with having a professional colorist to blend in lowlights to alter ombre hair.

4) When deciding to get the "big chop," a barber may be better suited for a "low fro" than a cosmetologist.

Sunday, February 24, 2013

2013 Oscars Academy Awards were a "Bang!"

With our FLOTUS now wearing bangs, I was curious how many bangs would follow.  Checklist:  Octavia Spencer

Sally Fields

Jennifer Hudson

Anne Hathaway

Kelly Rowland
Photo credits from redcarpetfashionawards, huffingtonpost, justjared, fabsugar

Maintenance regimen for Human Hair Extensions

To refresh human hair extensions,  you can pre-shampoo the human hair extensions with TRESemme Color Revitalize Color Protection conditioner. In other words, before you wet the extensions, just run this TRESemme conditioner through the extension hair to soften and keep the extension hair manageable.

Then shampoo the extensions as needed.  I usually let the "run off" water from the Paul Mitchell Tea Tree shampoo and other shampoos cleanse the extension hair, then use the Herbal Essences Color Me Happy Conditioner to condition the human hair under the platform dryer.

The TRESemme conditioner can be used to coat the extension hair during a permanent hair color service as well.  It will add a layer of protection to the extension hair from the haircolor rinse water.

So far, the Lugo's hair from Miami has been the longest lasting hair without tangling, but it sheds a good bit.  Now, I just got word that "Indique" has long lasting hair without tangling, and I was told it does NOT shed.  I will keep you posted.  Indique's hair is even more expensive than Lugo's.

My yarn unit is a success!

Compliments after compliments . . . are constantly coming to me on my yarn unit.  I love it. People are always trying to figure it out - Yarn braids??? No.  There's no long-term attachment.

It's not for everyone, but even a Senior Manager at Soft Sheen Carson talked with me about the unit at the Bronner Brothers hair show.  I will keep you posted on new developments.

Also, I met with a veteran loctician in my local area.  She helped me understand more about locked hair.  She and some of her clients in her salon were amazed at my yarn headpiece as well.  I had a full audience when it was time to put my unit back on at the end of my consultation with her.  I felt really proud.  It was not awkward because my locks are still doing fine and are still growing nicely.  I left her salon armed with few changes for my daily maintenance plan as well as a plan to have two different locking methods performed.  Twisting in the front and interlocking in the back.  I will keep you posted when I make that transition.

But who said "long hair" isn't sexy?   They were wrong! LOL! Even "long haired yarn" can bring sexy back!

Friday, February 22, 2013

Ethnic Hair Direction: What are your thoughts?

Lately, I have been stopping "sistahs" left and right asking about their hair.  I do NOT introduce myself as a hairstylist.  I am just another sistah admiring other sistahs' hair. What I am finding is that a lot of sistahs are doing their own hair or they have a "hair partner" where they do each other's hair.

Also, while attending the Atlanta hair show recently, I realized that successful hair professionals (barbers and/or stylists) may only be earning about $52K per year.  Thirty years ago, $52K was good money.  Manufacturing was prosperous in the USA.  Housing was very affordable.  Money was flowing like water.

Now, the hair service prices have not changed much for men's haircuts and some ladies' hair services; however, the cost of living is significantly higher.  So the ethnic hair professionals are now earning less for the same amount of work that they now have the expertise of doing much better at least in some cases.

I am constantly hearing about hairstylists relocating to find a better market.  Of course, some return back to their familiar territory and others find other jobs where they can make a fixed paycheck.

As far as excuses for people to get their hair done, typically, job interviews, job presentations, a day off, and social events are the main reasons that drive my non-regular clients in for hair services.  So my questions  to the ethnic hair consumers are

1) Would you donate $10 periodically to a hairstylist's retirement account  (if she had one set-up) to show long-term support if you can not patronize the stylist on a regular basis?  That way when you periodically do make time for a hair appointment, your favorite stylist will still be around and available to service you.

2) Do you respect the hairstyling profession as legitimate and needed?

3) How do you feel about the billion dollars of hair extensions walking around?  Many sistahs have their natural hair braided down and prefer protective styling. However, the hair extension money is not going back to the community.  Many people are spending more for the hair than the labor.  For example:  Hair packages may cost $200, but people  may only spend $50 total labor to put it in.  Any thoughts on spending habits?

4) Are you still using ionic flat irons despite the massive hair damage that has been caused over the last three years?

5) When you go for hair services are you serviced by a licensed natural hair care specialist or a licensed cosmetologist?

Finally,  as I am approaching four years of writing this blog,  I want some feedback on continued direction. Are you interested in seeing more relaxed hair styling, natural hairstyling, product reviews, current hair events,  or what other hair topics that is on your wish list?

I look forward to the feedback!  It will benefit the styling industry as a whole.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Infusion Hairline: Beyond the Invisible Part

 Pictured is a sew-in weave with the invisible part area glued with the infusion hairline technique.  Special thanks to my classmate who allowed me to capture her infusion hairline prior to the start of class.

Believe it or not, I was one of the original creators of the invisible part.  The technique caught on fast and others are continuing to perfect it.
 Platform Artist Travis White starts the quickweave with dry hair.  Based on his clients' feedback, they say that they encounter less itching by starting the quickweave with dry hair versus the wet mold process.
 Travis prefers the wrap strips and weave cap for quickweaves.  It is not breathable, but it is definitely quicker than the "protection serums" and their drying time.
 Clients typically wear quickweave for 2 to 3 weeks at a time.  Those who "work-out" in the bed or workout in the gym  (i.e. heavy sweating) may get some stocking cap slippage.  Otherwise, this method should hold up.
 The 27 piece or 28 piece weaving kit is core for giving contrasting style.
 Travis "The Great" does not like closures or closure pieces so he places tracks and builds to have track to cover track.
 This is the back of the finished style.
This is the front of the finished style showcasing a partial infusion hairline along the bang area plus the 27 piece clippered down with a 001 clipper head going in the direction of the weave placement pinching some of the hairline to give a piecy effect.

As far as flat iron recommendations go, Travis the Great recommends the Red Pro Titanium 460 flat iron.  He cautions about the heat temperatures.  He reminds us that 350 degrees is enough to bake a cake so careful with the heat.  The Red Pro Titanium 460 flat iron can reach 460 degrees.

Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, I know that I did not tell you how to achieve the Infusion hairline . . .  because I do not want you all to "Do it Yourself" (DIY).  I want you to book your quickweave with infusion hairline appointment with me.  Big Smile.  Or you can buy DVDs from the  team.

This class was a part of the 2013 mid-Winter Bronner Brothers International Hair show.

For more info on the WatchmeWorkhair team:

Barbering Enhancement Spray for Thinning

 Notice the thinning temple area of the male hair model?  Sometimes the crown area can also be thinning.
Notice in this "after" picture that the male model's hairline looks fuller.  No thinning areas-right?  Well, there is a "Natural Black" Color spray by that uses an airbrush delivery system to allow the barber to "fade2black" with precision.  The spray does not run nor drip and can be shampooed out.

The barber should use a cardstock shield for the face in order to keep your edging neat. Spraying lightly will keep the target areas looking natural and blended.

I have written articles on "Gray Away" sprays before.  This barbering enhancement spray by is very similar.

In this particular barbering class, I found it interesting that platform artist "fade Master" used a brush in lieu of a comb with the "Ceasar" clipper haircut.

This class was held during the 2013 mid-Winter Bronner Brothers International Hair show.  For those new to the barbering world and considering barbering school, you should know that a successful barber probably earns about $1000.00 a week.  Extra revenues can be generated as a barber shop owner collecting booth rental.

Also, there are other brands of enhancement sprays on the market, a patch test may be necessary to make sure the client does not have an allergic reaction.

This class was hosted by Master barber Lee Bladez.  Barbering performed by the fade Master.

Wave Nouveau Coiffure Remix Rings

Do these retexturizing rods look familiar?  If you remember my previous article about Mizani Lacers, then they are the same thing.  I found these at the 2013 mid-Winter Bronner Brothers International Hair show.

The Wave Nouveau Coiffure Remix Rings come in at least three different colors.  Each package is 24 count, but the price points are about half of the Mizani Lacers price.   The two other colors that are not pictured represent size medium and size small rings.  The green ones pictured are labelled "large."

Soft Sheen Carson is the brand.  Mizani and Soft Sheen Carson are all under the L'Oreal umbrella as their parent company.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

2013 Mid-Winter Bronner Brothers Hair Show

 I just made it back from the Atlanta Bronner Brothers International Hair  "Weave" Show!  Literally, in my nine years of attending this hair show, I have never, ever, seen this much weave in my life.  There should be a Wall Street stock option for "hair trading."  I barely saw anyone with their own hair showing.  I was simply amazed.

I actually think that the "weave" is a great way to have fun with bold color! So for special occasions, do not rule it out!!!!

Heterosexual men had "weave" . . .  "Drag Queens" had "weave."  If pets were allowed, then the pets would have had some weave!  All types of weave . . . sew-in, glue-in, wigs . . .

And on a more serious note, I learned about "Infusion Hairlines," "Remix Rings," and "Barbering Enhancement Sprays."  So more articles to come, but I need to catch up on some rest!!!!!  Please stay tuned!
Yes! They said "stay tuned."   More to come from the 2013 Mid-Winter Bronner Brothers International Hair Show in Atlanta.

Okay, the snowman was not from the hairshow, but my point about "weave" is everywhere is well noted.  Please see my previous article about the snowman's Payot curls.

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Five Curl patterns Comparisons

I provide hair cutting services to a diverse clientele from Indian to Hispanic to White (hair type not shown here) to African American.  I have been taking the time to save some of the hair clippings  or hair left in the shampoo bowl to study and compare curl patterns.

Two Type 2 curl patterns are shown here.  I also have two Type 4 curl patterns shown.  I can see how a person with type 3 curl pattern could feel the need to relax their hair occasionally when compared to a Type 2 curl pattern.

Type 4 curl patterns must understand that there is no texturizer that will elongate their curl pattern into a type 2 nor type 3.  Most people with type 4 curl patterns are trained to relax their curl pattern to have a straighter look.  However, by looking at the type 4 curl pattern in comparison to the other patterns, it is clear to see that if relaxers are designed to seek after every curvature, it literally would be attacking the type 4 curl pattern viciously.  Even to "flat iron" type 4 hair seems that it would "press" the "curls" in versus straightening it out.  It is clear to see that locking type 4 curl patterns would be the healthiest, simpliest hair styling option, but many women are not ready to give up their "creamy crack."  They enjoy their straight edges because that is what they are accustomed despite the known toxicity of the chemical relaxers.

Women have to continue to evaluate their hair goals on a quarterly basis.  No one has to get relaxer services, but in order to "manage" certain hair types without locking it, the relaxer is the most trusted option.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Review: Scunci Spring Free clip

 This Scunci Spring Free clip is one of the few clips designed to actually allow your hair to show through it.
It is perfect for styling my yarn unit.  There are no metal parts so it's metal detector friendly and less tension on the hair.

Its construction in not easily breakable.

For thinner hair, it may seem a little bulky, but for most, the back closure area flattens comfortably.

I actually was on a treasure hunt to get more of these spring free clips because none of the traditional stores were carrying them anymore.  I literally can not find any hair clips on the market where the beauty of your own hair (or yarn) can be seen through it.

Some internet sites are also sold out of these.

Product Review: Joico Bio-advanced Restorative Treatment

This Joico K-pak Revitaluxe Bio-advanced Restorative Treatment is quite aggressive in protein deposit.  Without any heat and only a quick instant massage through the ends seems to be overkill in natural and relaxed African American hairtypes.  It seemed to cause some dryness to the hair using alone so I do suggest following up with a moisturizing conditioner without protein to balance it out.

Those with "oily hair" and receiving highlighting on a regular basis may find it a good monthly treatment that is quick and can be done in the shower.

As far as ingredients are concerned, the fifth ingredient is propylene glycol.  The second ingredient is glycerin.    Toward the end of the ingredient list is sodium hydroxide.  Overall, the ingredients are half good and half bad.  It will not be re-purchasing this treatment.  The store manager recommended it, but it is just not the best fit for my clientele.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Hair Clients and their Husbands

Many of my clients have grown their own hair to record lengths, and they are now engaged or married.  The husbands/spouses are used to mid-back hair and expects the length to remain or grow it longer.  The couples pay me a reasonable amount of money such that I do not have to double book clients. Also, I do not buy "cheapo" products except for extension hair where brands such as Herbal Essence and Tresemme have been working well.

Although, I have never had any in depth discussion with anyone's husband, there is an understanding that to the best of my ability, I will maintain the health and style of their wife's hair.  Emphasis being on health of the hair . . . most of my clients can handle their own styling.

Well, Valentine's day is around the corner, and I want the husbands to know that any haircut requests from their wives past a 2 inches limit will require a permission slip from their spouse.  Husbands can rest assure that I do not want them mad at me about a rebellious haircut.

I wish everyone a loving, Valentine's Day 2013!

Monday, February 11, 2013

Shaven Legs: Learning about Hair Growth

Have you ever shaved your legs and felt stubble by the next day?  That's proof that your hair does grow.  If you are fighting gray hair, then that would also explain that the new growth of gray hair is a never ending battle to keep covered.

Now, let's take the discussion even farther, if you never shave your legs, would you grow a ponytail full of hair on your legs?  No, for some reason, the length does stop growing on the legs based on individual genetics.

Most stylists will say "cutting your hair" does not make it grow, but I have found that if there is a patch of hair that is not growing; if you cut it back, then it does spawn hair growth.  Hair on your head can reach unlimited length without regard to hair type.  One has to learn to work with their hair versus against it.

Also, for many, the side or patch of hair that you want to grow out is on the side that you do not want to lose any more hair length. So a good cut is usually a great idea if you want to try a shorter look, but it is not an option for someone longing for length.  Adding some hair extensions to support the style may be a good option.  If the hair is growing, but it is breaking at the ends, then one must determine what is causing the breakage in order to gain length.  Cutting breaking hair may help with style, but it will not resolve the breakage problem.

Identify the breakage factor, cut the hair into a healthy style, and either wear new look or add  hair extensions to enhance the old look.

So that's a lot to learn from shaving legs . . .

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Sisterlocks (tm) feels like a scam

Everyone who has been following my blog knows that I have invested a lot of time and money (thousands of dollars) into Sisterlocks (TM) within the last several months.  I am on my third certified Sisterlocks consultant within six months, and after additional research, there are quite a few people out there disappointed in the Sisterlocks' headquarters response to their concerns.

I was told "no stress at this address" by one of the Sisterlocks' headquarter representatives.  So if one consultant doesn't work out, then just keep moving on.  However, similar to finding a good beautician or a good lawyer or a good doctor - it appears that finding a good Sisterlocks technician is also a challenge.  Problem is there are a limited number of people to choose from, and they have the right to work independently under the name of Sisterlocks.  Some people know that achieving their official certification means automatic "Sisterlocks" revenues whether or not they remain professional or not.

I completed further research on people who converted their Sisterlocks into traditional locks.  There is a community out there.  Some people were just tired of being tied to a Sisterlocks consultant for their hair maintenance.  Some had been tightening their own hair too long and no Sisterlocks consultant wanted to follow behind "DIY" tightenings.  Others relocated to an area without a Sisterlocks technician.  For some the cost became too great at $200 per retightening at 6 weeks intervals.

So is Sisterlocks (TM) a scam?  It depends on how professional your independent Sisterlocks consultant is.  The last two certified consultants that I patronized were from the Sisterlocks certified consultant registry, but I am sooo disgusted with my "lopsided" locking session and my follow-up with did not include a retightening session in which I know now that it should have been included.  Not to mention the waste of time and money of locking my relaxed hair that will probably be cut off eventually.  Let me just stop here.  Yes, I feel scammed by the independent Sisterlocks consultants which work under the name of "Sisterlocks" thus far that I encountered.

As a registered Sisterlocks trainee myself, I personally do not seek out Sisterlocks clients because I have had concerns about the process.  It is interlocking within small locks.  As a cosmetologist, I know that we shed hair strands everyday.  I also feel that interlocking small locks should be a task done with some delicacy which the second consultant  that I encountered did not seem to take into consideration.

I have been trying to figure out a happy alternative for me.  I decided that the Sisterlocks gridding and parting sizes are a good idea, but I think that I will begin the traditional lock twisting for retightening in the future for myself.  The small locks are important to me.  The tightening method is not as important to me because of my type 4c curl pattern.  People with looser curl patterns may not have a choice but to interlock to avoid unravelling.  My hair is not prone to unravelling.  I will keep everyone posted on my new lock journey direction.

Baby Doll Hair Color Change

 I finally got to experiment with my Liv Doll.  I had to freeze the applicator to get the "icy cold" wetness to change her wig/hair, nails, lips, and eye shadow colors.

I was amazed at the color change. Agree?  It is only temporary until the temperature normalizes but fascinating stuff!  Also, I remembered that I saw another lady who had "mood change" nail polish on.  I decided to research what ingredient makes the color changes based on "heat" or "coolness."
After finding, I discovered Leuco dyes which are thermochromatic.  There are other options listed for achieving these color changes.  It is has my mind thinking about another business venture . . .  I will keep you posted!


Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Child safety concerns within the Hair salon

Some moms are finding that dropping off children at the daycare while they run errands may cost them $60.00 per day.  So some moms are feeling pressured to bring their child with them to sit through their hair appointment service.  This is not a good idea for many reasons.

1) Hair salons use hot tools.  The child could grab a curling iron or worse, stick their hand into a hot conventional stove.  Or the hot tool or hot stove could fall on them as they may get their foot caught in the cords. Burns can leave scarring.

2) Hair salons use chemicals.  The child could come into contact with relaxers or other chemicals at the shampoo bowl, trash receptacle  or on mommy's head if she is having to comfort the child.  Chemical exposure to eyes, skin, etc is dangerous.

3) Hair salons are supposed to be a pampering experience.  If the hairstylist, the mom being serviced, and the other clients in the lobby are all rotating through "babysitting" duty, then this does not promote a professional environment.  It is extra stress on everyone witnessing the child wandering into everything that catches the child's eyes.

4) Soiled "pull-ups" and "pampers" can be annoying to dispose of.

5)  Candy wrappers, cracker crumbs, and spills from juice boxes are also bothersome to clean up.

6) Concentration on the hair service is hard when one is constantly trying to keep track of the child even if no  other clients are in the salon being serviced except the mother.  This often delays the timing of the hair service.

7) Child is exposed to the hairsprays and other aerosols in the air which is unnecessary.

So in a nutshell, I absolutely deny service to mothers who bring children to my salon who are not being serviced along with the mother if I have other clients scheduled to be serviced in an overlapping time slot.  I do not want to subject other clients to becoming babysitters or exposure to unnecessary noise.

However, if I do not have any other clients overlapping, then I have allowed mothers to bring their child with them.  I was originally thinking that as long as other clients were not affected that it would be fine, but now, I realized that I do not want any extra bodies runnning around, pumping up styling chairs, and going on treasure hunts within my salon with out being compensated for the extra stress.  Most of the time, the mothers' learn from the initial experience, and they definitely make babysitting arrangements prior to their next hair appointment without me saying a word.  However, I think that I really have to start mentioning this at the time of the booking of the appointments.  I may have to start charging about $25 an hour for any time past 30 minutes of babysitting time.  If the child can be picked up within 30 minutes, then not so much of a problem, but over 30 minutes, a penalty fee would have to be implemented to avoid future distractions.

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Covering your head Benefits

So would you go out barefooted in the middle of a winter storm?  Probably not, unless you really want "cold feet."  Smile. Well, your head probably should be covered in the middle of a winter storm as well.  Why cover one end of your body, but not the other?

Many times, we do not want to mess up our hairstyle by wearing a hat  or a winter cap.  We would rather risk getting sick just to not "cramp our style."    With rising healthcare costs, head coverings should be re-considered.

My yarn unit actually helps keep my head warm on cold days.  Wigs are considered head coverings. Depending on their construction,  they can be quite warm in the winter but too hot in the summer.

On a religious note, some believe that a woman's head should be covered during worship services, and some believe that women should always have their heads covered.  Some cultures do not want any hair showing.

Headcoverings is actually a broad fashion topic.  One person that I talked to about headcoverings mentioned increased shine in her hair because of less exposure to the elements.

So there are many benefits to covering your head.  In the lower income neighborhoods, everyone seemed to wear a cap in the winter.  Only, in the middle class and up neighborboods, people will grab a warm scarf but not a hat.


Sisterlocks Training: Boston versus Charlotte

Boston, MA Sisterlocks 4-day training Session (August 2012)

1) 8 out of 13 classmates had long, beautiful Sisterlocks.  (incredible!)
2) over 50% of the class was from Massachussetts.
3) At least two classmates were from overseas.  (Germany and British Virgin Islands)
4) One of the certified Sisterlocks consultants had at least two of her clients becoming Sisterlocks trainees.  (Team Building)
5) I was the only licensed cosmetologist in the class.

Charlotte, NC  Sisterlocks 4-day training Session (January 2013)

1) Only 1 out of 13 classmates had long, beautiful Sisterlocks.   (She was from Fayetteville, NC)
2) over 50% of the class was from North Carolina.
3) less than 50% of the class was from the metro Charlotte area; No overseas classmates.
4) The Sisterlocks Associate Trainer (from Fayetteville, NC) had one of her clients present for Sisterlocks refresher training.  (Team building in Fayetteville, NC; and again, the only classmate with long Sisterlocks.)
5) There were two other licensed cosmetologists in the class.
6)  My classmates hairstyles included  starter "Sisterlocks",  Interlocks, Traditional locks, Intermediate "Sisterlocks", hair extensions, and some naturally, loose afros.
7) Other cities represented included Pittsburgh, PA, Washington DC,  Roanoake, VA, Raleigh NC.

So in summary, when you are surrounded by long, beautiful Sisterlocks within your class (like my Boston class), it makes you feel more confident about your Sisterlocks decision.  Picture taking within a Sisterlocks class makes sense . . . because you have several heads of Sisterlocks all around you to be amazed about.

However, when you are NOT surrounded by long, beautiful Sisterlocks within your class (like my Charlotte class), one becomes less comfortable with their Sisterlocks decision as far as competency of the Sisterlocks consultants in one's city.  Picture taking in a Sisterlocks class where most of the class are not "Sisterlocks" Showcase-ready is a bit awkward.

On a separate note, after attending two 4-day Sisterlocks training within a five month period, I definitely feel more complete.  I really feel that every trainee should have refresher training within the first year of their initial training.  No one should depend on learning from other local Sisterlocks consultants who are not actual "Sisterlocks" Trainers at least not in this area.  There are too many certified Sisterlocks consultants in the metro Charlotte area who are running their Sisterlocks business their way; not the Sisterlocks way.

I have paid out about $3000.00 into Sisterlocks headquarters and its certified Sisterlocks consultants within the last six months.  If you include flight and hotel stays, around $4000.00.  So I am "Sisterlocks" invested.  "I put my money where my mouth is."

I definitely plan to charge for my Sisterlocks services accordingly, and I intend to deliver quality Sisterlocks services (styling, grooming, locking).  My speed will have to come later.  Even though, I am at the beginner level as a registered Sisterlocks trainee,  I am hoping that customers will appreciate my Sisterlocks dedication and investment thus far in my Sisterlocks journey along with my cosmetology licenses in three states.

All-Nutrient Certifiably Organic Haircolor

I was delighted to hear from another one of my followers this week.  She asked that I look into the All-Nutrient haircolor.

I did research this hair color online, and here are my findings:

1) This haircolor seems to perform better on "younger" hair.  For full gray coverage, apparently, colorists find that an extra dose of color needs to be added to the formula to avoid a translucent look.

2) The "reds" seem to fade less with this color line.  So if "redhead" is your goal, then it may be worth trying it out.

3) The management of the company has not been ethical with past distributors nor other colorists who were not pleased with this color line.  It is in my opinion, that a company that does not provide good customer service when we as hairstylists are on the "front line" servicing clients, I would not feel comfortable recommending their products.

On a separate note, permanent haircolor is a permanent change to the hair.  Organic or not, permanent change can cause damage.  I would not recommend anyone switching haircolor lines if what they were using was working just fine.  If a color line does change its formulas such as "Goldwell" then one needs to re-evaluate if the new changes are still working for existing clientele.

People who want to focus on organic or "going green,"   should consider skipping chemicals all together . . .