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Saturday, January 12, 2013

Type 3 and Type 4 Side by Side Comparison

These hair samples both came from African American women.  In Sisterlocks world, the type 4 curl pattern is called "short" because of the diameter of the curl.  The type 3 curl pattern is considered a "long" curl pattern because of its diameter.  Can you guess which curl pattern is easier to lock and coil?

The answer:  Type 4 or short curl pattern.

The Type 3 curl pattern is much harder to lock.  Actually, wash and go is the easiest maintenance for this type of natural hair.  This curl pattern cost less to maintain and is accepted in more "social circles" in its natural state.

Those with a Type 4 curl pattern typically would be more dependent on relaxers to achieve a sleeker, straighter look.  Also, texurizing a type 4 curl pattern will NOT deliver a Type 3 curl pattern.

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  1. After asking my Sisterlocks instructor, she told me that the type 3 curl pattern pictured is more of a medium curl pattern versus long. So curl patterns are determined by the vertical diameter between the start of each curl.