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Monday, January 28, 2013

The Rise of the new Salon direction

After completing my third day of Sisterlocks refresher training and meeting women from as far away as Pittsburgh, PA, I now realize that the new wave of "salons" will be for natural hair.  In NC, you have to earn a natural hair care license to practice in a natural hair salon.  Upon receiving that licensing, you can have a whole menu of services from lock tightening to twist sets to lock grooming to braids.  So all the things that you learned to do as a child to control your natural curl pattern, you can now get other women to pay you to do similar things to their hair.  I have been absolutely amazed that natural hair care specialist can earn as much as I do or more with less credentials under their belt.  As a cosmetologist, I can cut hair into a style, color it, and press it- but all of those advanced specialties with the exception of haircutting are not even important to the women who are embracing their natural hair care grooming options.

I placed a picture of Don King in this article because I was blown away at this "new business" wave.  NC residents who are looking to earn more money in less time could earn their licensing in a fifth of the time as it takes to complete cosmetology school.  (300 hours versus 1500 hours)  Then they can go full throttle earning unlimited money doing natural hair styling.  Simply amazing.

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