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Monday, January 14, 2013

Importance: Shampoo or Conditioner?

Apparently, some will agree to disagree on this one . . .  but here's my take:

If you hair is virgin/natural with no permanent color, no relaxer, no soft curl, no heat damage, no curly perm, absolutely no chemicals, then conditioner is NOT needed.  God gave you everything in those hair strands that needed to be in those hair strands.  The hair should NOT tangle when it is soaking wet regardless of the hair type.  Leave-in conditioners and styling lotions are all that is needed besides a clarifying shampoo and a moisture shampoo.  I actually learned this while working at the nursing home.  The elderly who had no chemicals received roller sets.  Their curls lasted longer with a shampoo service only.  Why?  The conditioners would make the hair too soft to hold a curl for the two weeks that was needed for some.  There is such a thing as too soft.

Now, for you naturals who color-treat your hair or flat iron your curls straight, then yes, conditioning will repair any damage from chemicals, color, or mechanical tools.  Now, wasn't that simple?

Speaking of arguments . . .  in regards to Sisterlocks, I had a "Sista" to tell me that she knew someone who was doing Sisterlocks for $200.00; I told this "Sista" that I paid $750.00 for my Sisterlocks; then a caucasian lady interrupts us to inform us of her $10.00 clipper cut from Great Clips . . .  talking about perspective . . .


  1. What's your favorite shampoo and leave in combo for natural hair?

    1. So far Design Essential's Organic Cleanse seems to be the best clarifying shampoo for those without the Sisterlocks shampoo. Have a Great day!

  2. Well, since you asked (smile), I love the Bee Mine botanical moisturizing shampoo right after clarifying with my Sisterlocks starter shampoo. (Best to Clarify hair of buildup then remoisturize with moisture shampoo). I like the Mixed Chicks leave-in conditioner for light hold as well as the Miss Jessie's curly pudding for my coarser texture hair and Miss Jessie's Curly Meringue for finer textures. The Miss Jessie's leave-in's are for stronger hold.