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Friday, December 7, 2012

Top reasons to get your hair done!

There are five good reasons to schedule a  hair appointment:

1) Doctor's appointments - If you have a doctor's appointment, dental appointment, eye exam, or any other medical checkup, then a patient who is well dressed and well groomed may get better treatment.  It may sound crazy, but if you do not look like you are taking good care of yourself, then the "doctor" may not provide you with the best care.  No, you will not be denied care, but certain decisions may be made based on your appearance, ability to sue, ability to pay.  For instance, if the Assistant needs to touch your head to adjust your head for the eye exam machine or the dental xray machine, they do not want to touch greasy hair.  Even wearing a wig can be awkward unless you are a cancer patient.  Many assistants will spend more time talking you through adjusting your head versus touching your head. If you are going for a "sleep study," then they typically need to attach "monitors" to your actual scalp.  So full sew-ins and wigs are not recommended.  Always let your stylist know that you need to look good for your doctor's appointment or sleep study.  That way, she can allot more time for extra detail in styling.

2) Spousal request - So your spouse, domestic partner, or significant other asks "when is your next hair appointment?"  Then take the hint, communication is important in any relationship. When your partner makes small hints about appearance, it is to be respectful.  Definitely, read between the lines, you may not need a full makeover, but a fresh haircut, color touch-up, or a conditioning treatment may make a huge difference in a special date night.

3) Presentations - This reason is an obvious reason.  If you are presenting or meeting with new people and you need to project an image of expertise, then a  fresh hairstyle will assist in your delivery of your message.  Again, inform your stylist of the purpose of your salon visit: an important presentation.

4) Boss in town - So you work from home to save the company money on office space.  So wardrobe and hair may go on the "backburner" because you are not in the public eye as much.  Well, if your boss is in town and wants to meet, you still need to make a corporate impression. If you can pull it together without the salon visit, then great!  A neat ponytail goes a long way! However, if you need some help, give your stylist a call.

5) Attending a Hair class - In one of the hair classes that I attended, the instructor had us working on each other's head from scalp massage to potential full shampoo service on select students.  It was so awkward to have "protective styling" and someone is trying to do a scalp massage. Of course, if I would have known of this classroom exercise in advance, then I would have chosen to possibly straighten my hair at least for that day.  On a separate note, a full body massage sometimes include a scalp massage . . . a wig may be awkward and stressful if you are worried about it falling off!  Becoming stressed over hair would defeat the purpose of the massage.

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