Phenomenal . . .

Phenomenal . . .
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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Retired Clients, Relaxers, and Color!

 Hair by Benita Blocker.  This client is retired and fights the "gray."  About every 10 weeks, we relax with Paul Mitchell relaxer- regular strength because gray hair can be a little resistant.  We also use the Jazzing Coffee Bean color at her roots only.  It gives her a highlighted effect.  Amazingly, each relaxer service actually lifts the previous color deposits to a nice highlighted color.  The "previous color deposit" is dark at the start of the relaxer service.  So there is "white" new growth followed by "dark hair" followed by highlighted-looking hair.  But by the time we relax, there is very little dark hair left so when I re-deposit the Coffee Bean color at the roots, then you get what you see here!  Love it!
Hair by Benita Blocker.  Hair was curled with marcel iron #40 which is the same size as a aqua color magnetic roller.

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