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Phenomenal . . .
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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

A Secret to Grow your Hair Back

So you have tried the steroid shots at the dermatologist and failed.  So you have tried the prescriptions and topical applications and failed.  So you have sent over a $1000.00 and still no hair, no fuzz, nothing?

Well, one of my clients, experienced this exact situation with her hairline.  After months of following doctor's orders, she and the doctors gave up. So I suggested that we try the Bee Mine Products Hair Growth Serum with Sulfur and Mango scent.  She agreed.  She figured "what the heck? Why not?"  So we applied it sparingly around the hairline at the end of her hair service, and two weeks later, we saw some fuzz in her hairline area by her next hair visit.  We both had to pause and just laugh.  After months of doctor visits, co-pays, prescriptions, special shampoos, and over $1000.00 spent, the answer was in a little $8.00 bottle in my arsenal of hair products.  This client was just one of several clients who have seen hair growth with just one application every two weeks or with every shampoo service.

This particular client also had discontinued all haircolor as well as relaxer services.  She had no other hair chemicals being applied.  No flat irons.  Just thermal blowdry services.

Make sure the growth serum is fresh from the company . . . and you have one secret formula for hair growth.

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