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Phenomenal . . .
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Saturday, November 10, 2012

Tool Review: Magic-Grip Hairpins

 Good Hair Days' Magic-Grip Hairpins were introduced to me by one of the hairstylists in my Hairdreams refresher class.  They can be purchased from Sally's Beauty Supply.  They are great for tucking in hair regardless of its density.  The hairpins are lightweight, and the crystal clear color makes them almost invisible.
 This 10 pack also comes in a neutral brown color.  They feel snag free.
 I am pointing to the invisible hairpin above in this picture.
Great bun maker!


  1. I keep looking at these and not buying because I wasn't sure if they'd hold well. Will check them out.

    1. They worked great on thick hair. Thick hair will cover the size of these hairpins. Let me know what you think!