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Phenomenal . . .
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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Three colors safe to use on relaxer day

Resistant Gray or White hair? No problem.  These Sebastian Cellophanes semi-permanent colors (Deep Brunette, Shine Clear, and Golden Brunette) require no mixing.  The "Deep Brunette" delivers "black, darkest brown."  The "Golden Brunette" delivers "caramel."  The "Shine Clear" can be used alone to seal the hair after conditioning or it can be used to dilute the other two colors.

The best deal about the "Deep Brunette" is that all three primary colors are already blended into this color so it makes resistant gray no problem with coverage.  Resistant gray hair should process at least 25 minutes to 30 minutes with a cool down in order to ensure coverage.  This color does has to be shampooed to remove excess from off the scalp followed by another instant conditioner if hair feels like it needs it.

Pictured is the newest Sebastian Cellophanes packaging.

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