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Phenomenal . . .
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Sunday, November 4, 2012

SisterLocks Fullness Comparison

 This snapshot is at my 3.5 months SisterLocks anniversary.

 This snapshot is at my one month SisterLocks anniversary.

This snapshot is at SisterLocks installation.  The wigs/protective styling seemed to have been thinning to the hairline.  It was hard to see it until now.  Pictures really tell the story.  My hairline is less sensitive to touch now as well.

The timeline above represents three months from installation time at the bottom of this article to the 3.5 months at the top of this article.  Hair grows a half inch a month on average.  These three pictures seem to accurately represent realistic growth.  Besides taking biotin periodically and using the Bee Mine Products' Growth Serum once every few weeks, I am pleased with my growth.  I do not look for accelerated growth even though I may be getting accelerated growth.  Believe it or not, I want normal growth. If people are getting extreme accelerated growth due to organic mixtures, etc, that makes me nervous.  There is always a cause and effect as well as advantages and disadvantages.  Each to their own routine . . .


  1. Are you happy with your sister locks?

  2. Sierra: Yes! Sisterlocks has been the best decision for me. As they grow longer and thicker, I love them more and more. I wished that they were introduced to me in a professional manner years ago. I am not a fan of traditional locks, but I do not consider Sisterlocks as traditional locks. I feel like they are the Cadillac or Bentley of locking options. I am happy and looking forward to my third year SisterLocks anniversary.

  3. I also want to add that my hair and scalp seems to recover when all chemicals are eliminated. Everybody's scalp may not recover at the same rate. Some people may have permanent damage where recovery may never come soon enough. I do encourage people to consider Sisterlocks before their hair troubles get too severe.

  4. Your hair is beautiful. I'm excited to be getting them. I did the Big Chop last year in June. I last balded my head in Dec of 2012 and have not cut it since. Maybe in another month, I'll be ready for the transition...I can't wait.

    1. Thank you theblackbond! I am pleased with being chemical free. When looking for a Sisterlocks professional, ask them when did they complete their last Sisterlocks refresher course. If not within two years or less, then they may not be going by the book. Now, that I am a registered trainee, I realized that I was not given the formal paperwork to guide me through the process. It has been rough finding a good fit for Sisterlocks. I am on my third consultant in 7 months. I am happy that I kept moving on. Some consultants are in it purely for the money. They do not care about your hair nor your satisfaction. Yet, there are some awesome consultants out there as well. Definitely get them, but do not be afraid if you have switch consultants later. Hopefully, you will have a smooth experience with Sisterlocks!