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Friday, November 23, 2012

Relaxed hair: Sisterlock it or Not?

Yes, I was taught by my Master Sisterlocks Trainer not to Sisterlock relaxed hair; however, I have been informed by others that some Sisterlocks Trainers teach that "Sisterlocking" relaxed hair is an option.  In addition, my relaxed hair was put into my Sisterlock framework and is still doing fine.  So what is the best answer?  Well, I have determined that it depends on your hair type as to whether or not your relaxed hair should be included into the SisterLocks framework.

Pictured above is hair from two different mannequin heads. The black strands and black Sisterlock on the left is a coarser hair that has been heat trained/processed quite a bit.  The strands are more fragile and weak and very easy to tangle in the wash bowl.  This type of hair CAN be put into Sisterlocks because it does not try to unravel.  It may never "properly" lock, but it will be less likely to completely unravel.  It will stick together. Its natural behavior is to "tangle."  Even to undo the Sisterlock in this type of hair was very tedious.

Now, as for the the lighter/brown hair on the right, this type of hair is easier to unravel.  I had no problem undoing the Sisterlock out of this looser patterned hair.  This type of hair even in its natural state is hard to lock and hard to prevent from unraveling.  So I do NOT suggest putting this type of relaxed hair into the Sisterlocks framework.  Just "Sisterlock" the new growth at the roots and  roller set or curl the relaxed ends in its "loose" or free state.

I hope this helps in your Sisterlocks decision making!


  1. One of the questions that keep surfacing is: Can White women with straight hair get Sisterlocks? Based on this article, yes, any type of hair can receive the Sisterlock framework, BUT (and a big BUT indeed) straight hair will be prone to unravel and less likely to lock so eventually, it may be a waste of money to get the SisterLock service put into "straight hair." Anyone with straight hair who receives a Sisterlock service should know that the "Sisterlocks" may "undo" themselves over the course of time. There is NO products used to make the hair stick together with Sisterlocks. Straight hair clientele still desiring Sisterlocks should probably sign a disclaimer to make sure they understand that their hair may unravel/untangle itself, and the technician is not responsible for this natural hair response.

  2. After further analysis of my relaxed ends being added to my Sisterlocks framework, I feel that my parting size was pushed into more medium sizes versus small sizes. Also, the relaxed ends are sometimes buckling and rolling into itself. Some knotting is expected in the lock maturing process, but the knots that I have seen are not an ideal size for retightening purposes for small size partings. I have been trying to work some of my Sisterlocks out of the buckling as I see any ends rolling into itself. I was told some hair textures behave just like my relaxed ends. I now wonder how my relaxed ends would have responded to styling if they were left free to trim away gradually with Sisterlocks only at the new growth.