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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Ombre Hair Using Hairdreams Hair Extensions

 Applebaum Salon has been a Hairdreams Luxury Hair Extensions Partner salon since 2004.  Using Hairdreams' "top of the line" hair is a great way to achieve Ombre hair.  If we only go for thickening, then two colors will show through.  If we try for lengthening, then we end up with three colors:  The roots, the blended colors, the pure extensions' color.
 Hairdreams require a consultation to determine the number of pre-tipped strands that are needed to achieve the look that you desire.  At least 50 strands is needed to achieve Ombre hair without adding any length.
 Hairdreams strands blend nicely with the existing hair.
Hairdreams is a preferred brand of hair extensions by celebrities such as Lady Gaga.