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Phenomenal . . .
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Saturday, November 10, 2012

Joico Blowdry Spray: Reduce Drying Time

Joico K-pak Quadraion Blowdry Spray claims to reduce blowdry time.  Well, when using an ionic blow-dryer, I can testify that it certainly does! I believe that Joico makes an ionic blow dryer that they suggest to use with this blowdry spray, but even with my Turbo Power twin turbo ionic blow dryer, I did cut my drying time down.  This blowdry spray does have silicone in the spray so I made sure that all of my "healthier" leave-in conditioners were distributed into the hair first, then sealed the hair with a generous amount of this spray as I sectioned off and blowdried.  Results:  Shiny, silky hair with a lot of body.

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  1. This spray strengthens when hair feels "too soft" to hold a curl. It is great when the client has finer hair, and the deep conditioning service makes the hair too limp.