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Phenomenal . . .
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Thursday, November 15, 2012

Abnormal Shedding of Commercial Hair Weft

 When my client came in complaining about a gap in her thickness, I could not believe my eyes after I examined her tracks.  

Before I go into anymore details, the human hair extensions we used were from Lugo.  Lugo Hair Center has four locations:  Miami, Fl, Brooklyn, NY and two New York City locations.  My client(s) usually orders from the Miami, FL location.  Great customer service.  The semi-straight hair shedded a good bit but never tangled on my client.  This particular client decided to try the semi-wavy hair to see if it will hold the roller sets better.  The Miami location was out of semi-wavy, and the Brooklyn store was the first location to get the semi-wavy in stock.

 So five weeks later, there was nothing but weft left in the middle of one of the tracks.  I may would have expected that from a "cut end" but not the middle of the weft.  We called the Brooklyn store immediately.  They told us to ask for a reinforced weft next time.  We were told to call back the next day because the manager was gone for that evening.  The Miami store never mentioned reinforced wefts and checkwashing prior to application.  We will definitely make it a point to order from the Miami location in the future.    
A whole 2 inch area just missing?  This is abnormal.

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