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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Want all of your Hair options?

Fact: You were born with hair. Opinion: You may or may not like the hair that you were born with.

Fact: You can learn to love the hair that you were born with. Opinion: Everyone may or may not like your natural hair.

So lately I have had a few newer clients who have come in thinking about transitioning out of the relaxer, but they do not like their natural curl pattern. So they ask me what are their options?

Honestly, I am out of options for some clientele. Either love your natural hair and learn to control it with cosmetic products OR use heat or a chemical to assist with reducing the curl pattern in order to control it.

I may suggest locks/Sisterlocks, but some feel that their spouse would not accept the "locked" look. I hate to suggest a "soft curl" because it is a chemical just like a relaxer. Depending on the tightness of the curl pattern, texturizers, keratin treatments, and smoothing treatments are all a waste of time.

I do recommend people to visit my "curl pattern review" article on this blog to really see where their curl pattern falls in the scope of the curly hair world. Some people think that they have kinky hair until they actually see just how kinky hair can be.

If people can learn to love their natural curl pattern whether in freeform or locks, then they may enjoy the following benefits: 1) Better sex with their spouse because they are not trying to hold on to a $40 hairdo. 2) Enjoying events in the rain without carrying an umbrella. 3) Enjoying swimmning, workouts, and exercising and not worrying about a hair being out of place.

How about wigs, sew-ins, braids, and other protective styling? These hair additions methods will give you style, but not necessarily freedom. After months of protective styling, you will still be forced to deal with your own natural curl pattern again. That curl pattern in hiding is not going to change unless there is a medical reason present.

Any other options to add?

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