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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Product Review: BBD King Stretch Growth Creme

The flier says "This is the models real hair. No weave added . ." BBD (Big Badd D) Stretch Growth Creme is a penetrating water base, water soluble reconstructor. I love it on my SisterLocks. It absorbs into my SisterLocks immediately and hydrates my scalp. It feels like a splash of water when I run it through my SisterLocks. Even after a few days, it does not feel heavy nor sticky. It does not seem to build up.
You can see the moisture in the product. I have to admit that I recently pulled this jar out of my arsenal because the S'curl moisture spray seemed to eventually become sticky after daily use. So far this Stretch Growth Creme is not building up and is not sticky. It seems to allow me to manipulate my Sisterlocks and they seems to stay in place. That means the product is very lightweight.
I purchased this Moisture creme from the Bronner Brothers hair show over a year ago. Their packaging has gotten more sophisticated and mainstream over the years. I first learned about them about four years ago.
Now, for the not so good news, this product ended up in my product arsenal of "standbys" because for relaxed hair, I felt it was a little too wet. I never really could get a feel for its benefits. Also, pictured is the $55.00 retail jar. Yes, it is expensive compared to those on a tight budget. So in the past, I found it hard to retail a $55 jar of "wetness" to relaxed hair clients. There is no ingredient list on the jar either. I have run into quite a few professional ethnic haircare lines that omit ingredients for fear of product duplication.
Anyway, I am going to assume that the models on this Stretch Growth Creme ad have a looser curl pattern than I do since they are double processed with color and probably relaxer. I do not know their regimen, but as for me, every day or every other day, the Stretch Growth Creme is a fulfilling hydration boost.
By the way, I have my SisterLocks tucked behind my ears. They are getting easier to style now. The freedom from having to wake up and grab a scarf, wig, hairpiece, or a cap has been unreal. I really foresee swimming next year and getting out of the water without wondering what my hair looks like. It will simply look wet, long, and beautiful.


  1. See product description below:
    Stretch Growth Creme is a water-based, water soluble hair re-constructor. It
    contains 22 amino acids. (Stretch Growth Cream is not a conditioner, conditioners coat and
    has a tendency to build up on the hair shaft, therefore insulating the hair and
    preventing vital moisture from being absorbed.) The key to hair, therefore
    allowing maximum penetration of the 22 amino acids.
    Stretch Growth Cream is a heat activated, moisturizing and leave-in re-constructor. Stretch Growth Cream
    does not work properly without heat. For instance, blow-dry the stretch in,
    applying the stretch from your hand to your head and physically pushing the
    product into the hair shaft, therefore applying friction, and creating heat.
    Stretching be used as a reconstructing treatment.

    Stretch Growth Cream is not a conditioner, a conditioner coats. This is a penetrating reconstructor. Reconstructors penetrate and deposit protein in the inner hair shaft. Moisture is the key to hair growth. This product contains no animal fat, therefore it has the potential for maximum penetration. This water-based product contains a special blend of reconstructors that work together to sustain hair growth. Thsi product gives the hair elasticity and ability to stretch and contract back like a rubber and WITHOUT BREAKAGE!

    Many of us thought that curls gave the hair the ability to grow faster (because of the Ammonium Thio). It wasn't that, it was the moisture in the activator used in our curls that allowed hair to grow longer and faster without breaking! 24 Hour Stretch Growth Creme is the first of its kind. This is a daily penetrating moisturizer/reconstructor that you may apply as often as the hair feels dry. If the hair feels dry and brittle, it is left vulnerable for breakage. The less stress on the hair shaft, the stronger the hair becomes. If the hair stays smooth, the result of moisture in the hair is sustained growth. May hairdressers and clients feel that grease and fats when pressedinto the hair keeps the hair healthy, but it is only temporary. You cannot sustain hair growth from greases and fats although they have their place. For instance, if you were to drop fat into a cup of water it would resist the water. The water in the cup is your hair and the fat is the conditioner. There is no penetration? Fats will eventually evaporate but will not penetrate!
    USAGE: Press & Curl, Relaxer, Roller Sets, Afros, Finger Waves
    Fine Hair - Apply nickel sized amt or more to hair.
    Med.Hair - Quarter sized amt
    Thick Hr - Half Dollar amt
    **Apply more or less according to dryness of your hair.
    **Some use it everyday, others 1-2x per week.
    **Apply as often as the hair feels dry or as often as the cuticle (outside scaly layer of hair) swells.

    ROLLER SETS: Apply desired amt to hair along with BBD Lactate Fast, and proceed to roll. Apply Keala Oil once rollers are removed.
    BLOWDRY & CURL: Add desired amt to hair with BBD Lactate Fast with Keala Oil and BBD Spritz and proceed to curl.
    FINGER WAVES: (does anybody wear these anymore??) Apply with BBD Lactate Fast and BBD Styling Gel.
    WRAPS: Apply small amt with Lacate Fast and Extra Setting Lotion. Sculp hair and proceed to hair dryer. Apply Keala Oil after completely dry.
    RELAXERS, CURLS, AND NATURALS: Saturate hair until totally covered. Plastic cap and under dryer for 30 mins.

    To purchase product..

    1. Hello! Thanks for visiting my blog and providing these extra product detail. Question: Why is it that you mention that some people use it everyday, but then you mention that it does not work without heat? So do you mean people who use heat everyday can use it otherwise, it should not be used everyday? The directions seem confusing. I understand the theory behind it, but the heat activation requirement is unclear as to who should not be using the product. Thanks in advance for clarification.

  2. Its for everyone and every hair type. You can use mechanical heat such as with a hair dryer, blow dryer, or flat iron. Or rub it,work it into your hair which will also cause friction i.e. heat. The more friction the more heat. Just rub your hands together and you will see what he means. The faster and harder you rub the more heat that is produced. The more you rub and work it through your hair, more heat,i.e. better penetration. I hope this helps.

    1. Thanks so much mutumba jagodo for the additional details.

  3. I used some BBD products in my salon. STRETCH is awesome. I used it on all chemical services. I love the spritz, how many pumps into hair determines the hold and it's workable. There was more variety of Keala oils. Didn't quite get the Glass. The wrap lotion was wonderful. I even used Stretch on my Caucasian clients. I love is products.

    1. I can hardly wait to get some more STRETCH imported into my salon as well. Soon hopefully!