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Phenomenal . . .
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Monday, October 1, 2012

My Second SisterLocks Retightening Session

My second retightening session took about 3.5 hours. It is like a "relaxer touch-up" without the chemical. SisterLocks is a natural hair management system.
My personal SisterLocks consultant tightened my roots with more rotations this time than she did the first retightening session. Apparently, I am becoming less tenderheaded. Maybe because I have not been wearing any protective styling for about 10 weeks straight? Yay!
This last picture is right before my retightening session. Notice that I have thicker roots. Right? In the picture above, I look more "scalpy" after the retightening session which was at a five week interval from the previous retightening session. My scalp should thicken up again in another week - give or take.

As a reminder, my SisterLocks were installed on July 24, 2012 with relaxed ends. They are about 2.5 months old. On a separate note, my hair texture is coarse so my relaxed ends are considered more texturized and similar to someone who actually may have started off with a looser curl pattern. One SisterLock consultant that I met with looked at my hair and could not tell that I had relaxed ends. So my hair texturized is equal to someone else's natural curl pattern. Amazing. So putting my relaxed ends into a SisterLocks framework was not as far fetched idea as what I was taught in my own SisterLocks class in Boston, MA.

Well, as you all can guess, I am still going to my original SisterLocks installer. As you all also know, I do not like "chair hopping." We have been partnering much better with my hair. I had to call other SisterLocks consultants to give me ideas on how to improve my styling ability since my personal consultant is not a hairstylist/cosmetologist. The SisterLocks tips worked, and my consultant was willing to make some rotation adjustments to ease my ability to style after retightening. It is working out! It is definitely a journey, but I am happy that I started it.


  1. Your sisterlocks are growing quickly. They look beautiful.

  2. Thank you LaQT/Ty! My SisterLocks have been very freeing. I shampoo my hair like regular loose hair, and it feels like loose hair. No heat. Not much fuss. Just grow, grow, grow. Smile. I am looking forward to year two and three.