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Sunday, October 21, 2012

Final Evaluation: Pravanna Keratin Fusion Texture Control

First of all, as their website now states "Pravanna Keratin Fusion Texture Control is NOT similiar to a brazilian keratin treatment (BKT). However, it IS similar to a Japanese Reconditioning Treatment." In my downtime, I decided to perform this treatment on one of my kinky haired mannequins.
First of all, the mixture does smell like "perm solution" which is stinky. They have promoted this product as "zero thio," but there is some sort of thio derivative as its core chemical ingredient.
I decided only to perform the procedure on the right half of my mannequin head. I had been using this mannequin for press and curl trial and errors. It was purchased with kinky hair so that it can be relaxed, etc. No relaxer has touched this mannequin. I have used all types of hot tools at various different heat settings on this mannequin. So the hair was a little compromised.
I worked the properly measured solution through the right side of the mannequin head. It is definitely best to have mininmal tangles in the hair before starting your application. The solution does not undo knots. It does seem to soften tangle-free hair. I performed the "knot test" to make sure the hair had processed long enough. It looked straight until I rinsed the chemical solution from it. The mannequin hair felt weak and dry and looked wavy not straight. I did not flat iron it which was supposed to be the next step in order to permanently straighten it. I decided to detangle and neutralize it with the bonding lotion that was included in the kit. The hair still felt dry and weak so I had to condition it to get to normalize.
I did a simple styling to it for this article. I will probably sisterlock the other half of the head or maybe even relax a quadrant on the left side. I am personally happy that I never suggested this treatment for ethnic hair. When this product was first launched it was misleading. I think BioIonic has a similar "smoothing" treatment that is also more thio based. Please remember that relaxers and thio do not mix. The two chemicals break two different bonds. Please do not be fooled by derivatives. If your hair regimen may include relaxer some time in the future, then you should NOT use Pravanna Keratin Fusion Texture Control. You would have to grow it out before relaxing your hair. I know that the before and after pictures look great on here, but without proper conditioning, the hair felt so raw and abnormal. I did not like this product for anyone with Type 4 curl pattern.


  1. Hello, I came across your blog while searching for a way to manage my "tougher than Nigerian hair." My hair is natural or "kinky" and I normally wear it in braids since it is difficult to manage and I have neither the time nor patience to deal with it. In the past, I used phytospecific (once a year) and I was wondering if you could recommend an alternative product since phyto does make the hair straight?

  2. Hi Sierra: If you are only planning to relax once a year, then try a regular strength Affirm relaxer. If you would like to try the Resistant (i.e. Super strength), then once a year should be fine as well. Check to make sure the product is fresh before using. There should be an expiration date. Only licensed professionals are supposed to have access to it. Also, apply relaxer about half an inch away from the scalp to avoid overprocessing at the roots. Once you have your midshaft texturized, then go into the roots and apply and straighten. Also, consider SisterLocks for natural hair management. I hope that this helps.

    1. Thanks Benita! I've shared your blog with my sister. We just might travel to NC and visit your salon.

  3. We would love to have you and your sister to visit! We are a four station salon; so we have more heart than space sometimes! Thanks for the support!