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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Accent Hair Coloring: A bold new trend

Fashion has been showcasing bold, disconnected colors. Now, the freedom of color is expanding into hair!

You will need color bowls with multiple wells to hold the different colors that you want to add. Hair must be pre-lightened or bleached prior to trying to achieve any accent haircolor.

Semi-permanent colors do not have to be mixed with an activator. Using the law of color, you can achieve secondary colors such as greens and violets or just buy them pre-mixed if you can find them.

 As far as maintenance, color treated shampoos and conditioners should be used to slow down fading.  Also, the "touch-up on the roots" may be a little hard to maintain consistency if you want to continue to keep the look for an extended period of time.


  1. Does all hair have to be bleached prior to coloring? What about "natural hair"? I'm thinking of trying an at home DIY kit just to shake things up a little but don't want to ruin my hair.

  2. Hi Sierra: All virgin hair strands are filled with natural pigment that you are born with. You will not be able to see a "new color" unless you remove some of the natural pigment (i.e. bleach it) and then add the artificial pigment that you want to see. So in a nutshell, Only Bleach the areas of your hair that you want to see the new splash of color. 20 vol to 30 vol developer should be more than enough strength to lighten natural hair. If it does not lighten enough in one step, then wait a few weeks and go back in a lighten again. It is best to slowly lighten in order to keep the hair healthy. Once you remove your natural pigment, it is gone forever. You can only add artificial pigment that resembles your original color. Your natural curl patten will also loosen slightly with the removal of your natural pigment. Coloring is serious. I actually forbid coloring naturally black, type 4c hair. Semi-permanent color on gray hair will be my only exception to the rules for type 4c hair. Please let me know if you have other questions!