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Phenomenal . . .
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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

SisterLocks has Hair care Products!

SisterLocks does have their own product line. Also, the SisterLock starter kit includes only Sisterlock products and literature. I am mentioning this because a new SisterLock client told me about her "Starter kit" received at her installation. It included another product line which included a jar of "grease."
For the record, the SisterLocks starter kit includes colored rubberbands, literature for the care of your Sisterlocks, Official SisterLocks starter shampoo, and a form to mail in for your SisterLocks birth certificate and other SisterLocks promotional items. If you receive anything in place of these items, then you are not receiving a professional SisterLocks experience.

February 2013 Update:  Applebaum Salon does sell Sisterlocks products.  2013 Calendar in stock as well as  Valentine's day chocolates.

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