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Saturday, September 1, 2012

First Lady Michelle Obama: Six months later!

So it's almost six months ago that I posted an article discussing First Lady Michelle Obama's hair! I must say that she must have read that article because her hair looks like she is back on track!!!! Yay!

Pictured are the covers of Parenting magazine (August 2012) and Ladies' Home Journal (September 2012). Neither magazine give any "hair credits." However, it looks like based on the August cover; she received a nice, fresh haircut by the September cover.

After studying curl patterns (please see a separate article on this blog about curl pattern review), I have concluded that First Lady Michelle Obama has a type 4a or type 4b curl pattern. She is definitely NOT a type 4c.

As you know the Democratic National Convention is being hosted by Charlotte, NC during September 3rd - 7th. I have some hope that she will grace me with her presence while she is in vicinity of Applebaum Hair headquarters. Smile. If she does make it, I will let you all know!

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  1. First Lady Michelle Obama's hair last night was just as fabulous as ever on the stage at the 2012 DNC! It was full of body and substance. It did not have "uninhibited" movement as the past hairdos where one tilt of her head sent her hair swinging, but it was healthy movement for a head of healthy and full Black hair! Great job on the hair; phenomenal delivery on the speech!

    Mrs. Obama: You continue to represent Black American women well from the inside to the outside! Yes, we can move forward!