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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

A "50 Shades of Grey" Prerequisite: Weave 101

This article is dedicated to all the Sisters out there who have a husband, fiance, or boyfriend who is trying to deal with their transitional stage of growing out of their relaxer. Typically, wigs are a great plan for the corporate meetings, but when you are inspired to spice up your romance like the bestseller "50 Shades of Grey" trilogy has been recognized to do, then you need some dependable hairstyles that are going to hold up until "everything does down." Smile.

So I have been asked this question alot lately: What do I do with my hair so that he doesn't have to ask what is going on with my hair? . . . my answer is 1) kinky twists for those whose job is okay with the cultural look or 2)a curly full head sew-in.

The kinky twists as shown on the model in black attire cost about $130 for the service. The hair costs about $15 total for about three packages. This look is probably the look that you are trying to achieve within the next two years with your own natural hair. This braided hairstyle should give you about 2 or 3 months of hair freedom and no salon visits.

If your job requires a more corporate european look, then a full sew-in with all your hair braided up would be best. The model in red attire would be an example of a full head curly look. Typically, leaving a little hair in the front out gives a more natural hairstyle, but it can become quite a chore to keep transitioning hair under control and blended with weaving hair. As far as curl pattern, the looser the pattern and the shorter the length, then the least amount of trouble it is. The full sew-in should be shampooed infrequently to prevent locking the braided hair. It can be shampooed every three to four weeks and removed within 2 months to 10 weeks.

Other issues to consider:

1)Those with an itchy scalp, should consider the kinky twists in order to shampoo more often.

2)If you want to learn your curl pattern and experiment with different curl care products, then leave a few rows of hair in the nape area loose for you to learn to maintain it while the longer hair covers it during the day.

3) Both of these styling recommendations fall into a "braider" service option. I recommend shampooing, conditioning, and straightening the hair prior to your braiding service so that the braider will pick up more of your hair in ratio to the extension hair. This will prevent hair loss from the extra weight of the extension hair especially when you go to shampoo it.

Sisters . . . Wishing you well . . . remember locks or SisterLocks are always a journey to consider about four months post relaxer.

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